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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Trade Show Displays With Floor Plans To Encourage Browsing

The right floor plan results in trade show displays that are inviting and encourage movement. Tips for designing a classic floor plan for your trade show exhibit using banner stands and other elements.

Trade show displays should not only entice visitors to step in, they should also encourage good traffic flow so that guests move through your space in a predictable way to prevent back-ups on the floor or clusters of traffic congestion that could discourage new visitors. An open and inviting entrance area is only the first step in creating a successful trade show exhibit that has visual depth and movement that will keep visitors in your booth long enough to hear your pitch without them loitering endlessly and keeping new potential leads from getting their own opportunities to enjoy your exhibit.

The Entrance To Your Trade Show Exhibit

There should be a clearly marked area that is the entrance to your trade show exhibit. It needs to be wide enough to let even a large person through without feeling constricted. You don't want guests to have to worry about whether they're going to knock over your banner stands. If you're on a corner, you can take advantage of this prime spot by facing your entrance toward traffic flow so that visitors will seamlessly enter your area without having to turn back against traffic flow after they've turned the corner.

Interior Space

Once inside, visitors will look for what you have to offer in the way of information, activities or giveaways. Judiciously dividing up the interior space with banner stands, table top displays and pop-up units can create small islands for each element. Using a modular display that's curved is an excellent way to funnel visitors along your desired traffic flow. Placing a chair or two near an area where people are signing up for your mailing list or filling out an application is a great way to slow down potential customers, who would love the chance to sit and rest for a moment. It gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss their needs and introduce your latest product or service.

Floor Plans

There are nearly endless floor plans that can be utilized on the exhibition floor, but a few simple, classic styles have remained popular year in and year out because they are always successful at encouraging visitors and maintaining optimal traffic flow.

For larger booths, consider a diamond shaped floor plan. This uses a central display to ground the booth with several smaller elements at the corners. You could use banner stands, kiosks, table top displays, or demonstration areas for the outer ring. This always looks impressive, but is especially well-suited for trade show displays showing off several products. Be careful with this layout, however, as you'll really only have one large area for your tag line or company name. Make it count!

Single focus exhibits are simple and elegant, directing the attention toward one central display. If you have one message to convey, this style will do the trick. Other elements on the peripheral will focus toward the centerpieces of your trade show exhibit. The minimal, central focus can cause traffic to pile up in the center of some trade show displays, particularly during heavy traffic periods.

Closed exhibits feature a semi-enclosed or fully enclosed area within the overall booth space. This interior area gives visitors a respite from the noise and bustle where they can fully focus on your products or services. Using banner stands and other peripheral elements can encourage visitors to step into the enclosed area to learn more, but it can get congested at times. You may also miss some individuals who don't want to step into a closed environment.

A plaza style display pushes the larger elements to the sides, creating an open area in the center for networking, product displays and casual conversation. It's a laid-back way to bring attendees fully into your space where you can engage them in conversation. Because they can clearly see all elements at once, they are more likely to wander through the space. Oversized graphics are especially effective in a plaza floor plan.

Regardless of the floor plan you choose, your trade show displays should focus on a few main messages and display them prominently so that visitors will immediately understand your message without having to search. Using modular unitsFree Web Content, banner stands and other elements can visually guide your visitors to exactly where you want them for a successful pitch.

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