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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Chakra Psychical Reader

Chakra readings or charka psychic readings as they are sometimes called are very interesting. This is a Eastern concept and comes from the Hindu religions,

Chakra readings or charka psychic readings as they are sometimes called are very interesting. This is a Eastern concept and comes from the Hindu religion.

This religion only really appeared in Western culture when Swami Vivekananda visited the USA in 1893 for the conference of Called the “World Parliament of Religions.  At this time it was more centered on yoga and meditation.

Over the years it has been adopted and westernized however the basic Hindu principals still adhere.  There are seven chakras although some say eight. These are the base of your energy centers and this is root of physical, psychic or spiritual and your psychological centers are to be found. Each has its area in the body. You are said to be able to open these though yoga or kundalini yoga. These centers are each located in a particular section of the body. The word chakra actually means wheel in Sanskrit. When someone reads your chakras they usually start with the base chakra. This is the first charka and is the spine chakra which lies between the genitals and the anus. This chakra is about keeping yourself grounded.  This charka is the one that moves at the slowest rate. The second chakra is at the genitals. This is where you get your gut feeling. It is also the root of sexual urges. This is where the love, hate relationship originates not the heart. The third is the navel. This is the root of psychic ability lies. Here you find your will power as well.  This is your “I am” center. The heart is the fourth. This is your ability to love. Without heart you would be nothing. It’s where your love for family and friends and humanity is situated.  The throat is the fifth. The throat reminds you that this is your voice. It is your communication chakra. This is also where in reverse you might hold grudges.  You will find the sixth, the third eyeArticle Search, between the eyebrows and a little above.  If you have a blockage here this can manifest in having a blocked nose and sinus problems. This can result in a wish to control others. This is your psychic intuitive chakra.  It is your “knowingness” centre.  The seventh chakra is situated above the crown of the head. This chakra is probably the most important of all. This is your psychic and spiritual connection to the entire universe. This connects your entire being to all the rest in the universe not just the world. With this chakra in a blocked state you will have no belief in the hereafter. There are another 6 chakras but most people disregard them.

Getting a chakra reading can be a unique experience especially if you get it from a practicing guru. It is a true psychic experience.

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