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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Creating Heroes for Your Children

Normal 0 We all want to be a positive role model for our children, but what happens when a child seeks for an outside source to look up to? Some boys may thing their Dad is...

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We all want to be a positive role model for our children, but what happens when a child seeks for an outside source to look up to? Some boys may thing their Dad is Superman and can do anything. Some dad's may not be around because of divorce or long work hours. For example, little boys may cling to other superheroes besides their dads, like Batman with his strength and intellect. They may refuse to take off their bat cape or turn off the television when batman is on. They may exhibit the same behavior with pirates and Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean. How will you ever get them to sleeping without their pirate cape and hat on?

Girls on the other hand may identify with their mother or other female adult in their life. She may also try to act like a little princess, prim and proper every time she wears her fancy princess dress or her princess accessories. However, when the Cinderella dress comes off, so does the proper behavior and your little princess turns into a nightmare. She may even throw tantrums and kick and scream because you ask her to do something she doesn't want to.

It's normal for kids to have someone to look up to, it is even healthy if they are not indulged and spoiled by being given anything they want. You can tell the child who is spoiled because he will have boxes and bins of Batman comic books that he never reads. Or the little girl who has an overflowing dress up trunk full of 5 of each kind of princess dresses from Cinderella to Snow White. She can't even go out of the house wearing regular clothes without throwing a fit.

If this type of behavior is starting to rear it's ugly head around your house, there are a few simple things you can try to improve the situation.

First, set boundaries. Say, "If you want to keep your princess dresses, you will need to take them off before we go out in public. If you decide to throw a tantrum when I ask you the first time, I will take a dress away and you will have to earn it back by doing a chore."

Second, simplify don't indulge. Don't indulge your kids by spoiling them and giving them anything they want. The best bet is to donate your child's toys to those who need them more and stop buying for them frivolously. It sends kids the wrong message when we over consume. Help them understand that what we have is enough and we don't need more. If it's an item they really want, encourage them to earn money to buy it themselves. Usually, by the time they have saved enough money, they understand the value of the item and will take care of it better.

Last, show your love in words and actions. Never let a child wonder if you love him or her. No matter what he does or how much he fights it, let him know that his behavior doesn't make you love him less. Treat her like a princess, but don't let discipline fall by the wayside. The best role model kids can have it their parents. You are teaching them how to be good parents. If it is important to youScience Articles, make it happen!

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Shelby Strong is a stay at home mom of 2 girls and a boy. She is also a small business owner of an at home business called My Cute Dressups. Visit her site at She has seen the immense benefits princess dress up costumes and boy costumes has made in the life of her kids.

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