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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Some Very Useful Guitar Clean-up Tips

This article shares insight into the major issues related to cleaning of guitar. Follow these guitar cleaning tips to increase the longevity of your guitar.

Guitar, a dynamic musical instrument, is played in almost all kind of music; be it pop music, rock music, lounge music, country music or even contemporary classical music. The modern music can`t be imaginable without guitar.

The demand of guitar in every music sphere has made it one of the most sought after musical instruments. As guitar is an expensive musical instrument, it only makes sense to take proper care so that you can continue playing it for years to come. Here are a few tips discussed in the following on how to clean this amazing musical instrument so that its longevity can be increased.

Dust is the main form of debris that is collected on the surface of guitar. Don`t let dust cover on your guitar for dust buildup that can actually affect your guitar`s performance. A very simple approach to keep your guitar clean is by regular dusting. You can wipe off your guitar with a clean and soft cloth. You can either opt for any of your old but clean cloth or you can purchase special cloths that are available in music stores.

If you are a bit fancy about your cleaning, then you can choose many products available in the market that are designed for cleaning guitars. Guitar cleaners, fancy cleaners, liquid solvent and even solutions especially meant for cleaning the fretboard of guitars are available. If your guitar has a matte finish surface, it is suggested to use a water-based guitar cleaner as the creamy polished cleaners have a tendency to be slightly abrasive.

Often sticky residues from tape or stickers are left on guitars, which are a bit tough to remove. Use only mineral spirits or any other lighter fluid such as naphtha to remove the stains on your guitar. These solvent won`t harm the finish of your guitar. You just have to damp cloth with the solvent and wipe off the tape and stickers of your guitar. It might be surprising, but if you clean and dry your hands before you start playing on your guitar, it will significantly lengthen the life of your strings.

Like cleaning, polishing is equally important. A polish from a good brand not only gives your guitar an excellent shine, it also preserves the wood of your guitar. However, you should always choose a polish that is designed specifically for guitars as any general polish might ruin the smooth finish on guitars. But be careful of covering only the major surfaces of your guitar. Areas such as bridge or tuners or even the neck region of the guitar should not be polished.

Another major area which needs regular cleaning is the fingerboard of a guitar which includes the strings and the fret wire. These areas are prone to high-temperature and humidity and also of acidity by the constant touch of the player`s hands. The lower-end manufactured guitars especially suffer from this fret buzzing problem.

Though some simple adjustments raising the string action can correct the problem for some time, but this is not a permanent solution. If the surface of the fingerboard is not much damaged, a simple application of lemon oil can prevent the wood from further cracking. It is suggested to use a piece of extra fine grade steel wool to clean the fingerboard of your guitar. Don`t wet the steel wool; just rub it in up and down motion of the fingerboard area without catching the ends. The frets will be shiny only after a few motions.

Last but not the least is how and where you store your guitar. A guitar-case is a must and it should not be stored in too humidPsychology Articles, warm or even too cold surroundings. Also make sure it does not get bumped around. An interior closet is the best place to store guitar.

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