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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Supplements ... The New Magic Pills?

If I hear one more person suggest ... as the cure to life ... I'll scream! ... I go I hear someone talking about this or that ... this or that herb, this or that dietary r

If I hear one more person suggest supplements as the cure to life stressors I'll scream! Everywhere I go I hear someone talking about this or that supplement, this or that herb, this or that dietary regime as the answer to health and happiness. Over the next week or so, listen for the ads yourself and take note.

On the radio I hear, "Are you feeling stressed? Is your life reeling out of control? Do you have too much to do, too little time to do it? Then send for ABC product and help protect yourself from the ravages of stress. ABC will restore your health and well being"

Or one like this, "Do you suffer from heartburn or acid stomach? Is the stress in your life catching up to you? Then send for XYZ product and solve your stomach problems."

Or I am conversing with a holistic health practitioner and I hear, "If only so and so would get into herbs, or put a drop or two of this or that under their tongue every day, their problems would be solved." How would they know what problems or life stressors so-and-so is dealing with?

Multi-level marketers, physician offices, traditional or integrative, it doesn't matter. All want you to ingest some magic product to solve all your problems. Never mind that the stress is caused by behavioral habits that need to change, or by distorted thinking that impedes success and destroys self-esteem. Never mind that relationship or financial problems keep us awake at night. Never mind that you are fourteen years old, have no friends and are being harassed at school. Just take these products and you will feel better.

The only difference between the old and the new line is that the traditional physicians push chemicals and man made medicines, and holistic practitioners push soy, herbs, and gluten-free diets.

For heaven's sake, even on a popular wellness physician's website I read, "From improved energy and lowered stress levels to a stronger immune system, our special vitamin plan has the answers." Apparently you can answer a set of questions and magically solve your problems as you "receive regular delivery of your customized supplement packs."

Apparently you can answer a set of questions and magically solve your problems as you "receive regular delivery of your customized supplement packs."

Unfortunately, no matter how fantastic the supplements are, stress releases damaging hormones into the system and shuts down immune function, and no pills or supplements will reverse that process. Only identifying the source of the stress, and doing something about it, will solve that problem.

But, unfortunately, that takes work. Quick and easy is always easier to sell. It is a little harder to stop, look around, and make life changes, than to stick something in our mouth every day. It is much easier to merrily continue to do what we have always done, and get what we have always gotten. And what we get is chronic stress. And chronic stress brings with it worries and fears, stomachaches, backaches and migraines, arthritis and heart disease, numerous doctor appointments, and strained relationships at home and at work.

What is the answer? Fortunately the answer is not as difficult as it may seem. You don't have to stop with your supplements, vitamins, yoga or meditation. Just add a few minutes a day to go inside and become aware of you. Look at your life as a pie, with each slice a different area such as physical health, spiritual health, relationship health, finances, work, social, etc. Consider each area and ask yourself, "On a scale of one to ten, how do I feel about this part of my life? Do I experience stress in this area of my life?

If you identify a problem area, decide whether you want to do anything about it. If you do decide on change, develop a plan of action to reduce stress and improve satisfaction in that area. Then follow through with your plan. If you have trouble following through, or feel you would benefit from a little helpFree Reprint Articles, hire a life coach. They say two heads are better than one. There is no limit to what you can achieve with a little support and a lot of encouragement from a friend.

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