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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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The Three Roberts and the Meaning of Wealth (Or How You Can Attain True Wealth) Part One.

Wealth has been defined in many ways. The author sites three extremely successful entrepreneurs/experts whose ideas and practices when put together would provide the complete meaning to true wealth. The experts first names all happened to be Robert with surnames Kiyosaki, Allen and Ringer respectively.

Robert Kiyosaki defines 'Wealth' as a 'Positive Net Cash Inflow'.

In financial terms, when money coming to you on a regular basis is more than what is going out from you, you are wealthy. There is a further condition i.e. the incoming cash flow must be a 'passive one'. Thus, a 'wealthy' person or one who is financially free is one who has a passive income(s) that is in excess of what is needed to live the life one desires.

Passive income is receiving money from assets whether you are doing anything or not. Robert Kiyoski take on this is 'Wealthy people do not work for money but money works for them'. Clearly then, the way to wealth is to create passive incomes to work for you!

How then does one create a passive income? To Robert Kiyosaki, it's about creating financial assets. An asset is something you own that brings 'positive' cash flow. If you own a house and have to pay a mortgage and the cash flow is negative then the house is a liability, not an asset. However, if you collect a rental from the house which is more than your mortgage then it is an asset. Other assets would include securities(sic!) or business(es) or royalty from a book etc..

The next question must be 'how does one create an asset?' Can one create assets like shares, houses and business etc. without money, special talents and skill, connections? The answer is yes and many have done it! It is even more possible today because of the internet. Robert Kiyosaki will tell you it's about one's perspective! If you believe you can be wealthy, you will be!

To Kiyosaki the best way to create wealth is to start a business of your own. A successful business will allow you to build assets. Currently there are businesses you can start part-time whilst you are working. Nowadays the easiest to start is an Online business.

Besides the internet, what other businesses should you go into that can lead you to wealth. The kinds that can do without much money, employees and provide multiple streams of passive incomes; and which suits almost anyone! Here is where the second Robert i.e. Robert Allen is going to guide you. He claims to have created many millionaires. Indeed his ideas on how any ordinary guy can create great wealth is something anyone who desires to have lots of money need to know.

The space given this article is too short. Look for 'The Three Roberts and The Meaning Of Wealth' (Part 2) to read about the other two Roberts and how they together can make you truly wealthy.

Meanwhile, I suggest, going to the site below if you are in a hurry and wish to take the first step of creating your first asset; an internet business. It is the easiest business to start nowadays. You would find a sincere guy who would actually show you how to start and succeed in the internet marketing business.

Arguably, the most successful super affiliate and rated highly by some of the most successful online practitionersComputer Technology Articles, the program this guru provides is comprehensive and would teach you the complete skills to make it. It's also done in a simple step-by-step manner which allows even the novice to follow.

Wishing you all the best!

Louis Lim

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Louis Lim is a highly qualified and very experienced Certified Management Consultant who promotes entrepreneurship as basic skills for financial security! Louis has identified Internet Marketing as the latest opportunity for those seeking financial independence. He has decades of experience consulting for many firms and mentors many business people. He shares his business skills on the internet. To learn how on to make money in a internet business, go to

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