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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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The Truth About Fear - The Root is You

If fear grips you and stops you from gaining or maintaining the success you deserve or crave, then read this article. It's easy to understand. Blunt. And worth it.

Fear, as we all, I'm sure, have figured out by this time in our life, is crippling beyond any other adversity we'll ever face. Whether it's fear to ask a girl out, fear to continue in your job, or fear to get OUT of your job, we've all experienced some sort of fear in our life.

What if you could take that fear, throw it out, or better yet, let it fuel you to greater success? How would you like to make your life successful in seconds by learning the simple (yet secretive) truth of fear, doubt, and worry? The one basic thing Be prepared: you're going to have a lot of things exposed and thrown out. If you truly want to be successful in all that you do, this discomfort will be natural, and even sought after as you go along. Something I have learned in my own experience is this. And this is the secret to gaining the life that you truly want to attain. If you understand this one part, you can shove worry, doubt, and adversity out of the window.

Fear is selfishness.

Fear is the total embodiment of self-preservation. I'm not talking about afaid; like something scared you. I am talking about the fear, concern, and apprehension we face daily. Fear of loss, fear of what people will think, fear of letting someone down, or just fear of discomfort are all stemmed from selfishness and pride.

Imagine yourself in a public place. Would you throw your hands up and scream? Why not? "It's foolish." But what if you wanted to? "It's foolish." That's beside the point. The majority of people I talk to would rather be even-keeled in public because it's safer than being the exact way they are with their friends.

Because they know that their friends and family can accept them, but the uncertainty of those around them that they don't know makes them afraid to be themselves. I won't go into detail about how this affects every aspect of your life, you would have to visit my blog at to understand where this can crush you.

Take those who are shy. Not just quiet by nature; but antisocial by upbringing. They're afraid to talk to knew people because it is uncertain. Does the person make them afraid? Not usually. It's their own insecurities that make them afraid. The shadow of doubt in themselves is cast on their confidence. The crippling nature of fear can hold back more than anything else in life.

Now here is the exercise to get over this fear, and to begin living a life unhindered by worry and doubt.

Get over yourself. You'll read this countless times on my blog. Getting over one's self is the step into freedom to do practically everything. It is the mental check that tells you that you have nothing to fear. "I can't ask her out, she'll blow me off!" If you realize that this is self-preservation, and not aiding you at all in getting what you want (to ask this girl out) you are only hurting yourself and you need to get over this. Most people want to believe that their life is shaped by the circumstances that they are placed within. Or they believe that outside forces can dictate the life that they currently live. Even though there are outside forces that should be taken into consideration, there is no real reason why you should fear them, or act on anything less than your own personal goals and aspirations.

I am not talking foolishly living your life on the opposite fear spectrum, where everything is about yourself and you selfishly disregard others for your own selfish ambitions. Contrary to what fear currently does: focusing only on one person, you (or me), live a life free from worry to benefit others, yourself, and the world around you. Fear doesn't stop you from gaining success for yourselfFeature Articles, it also hinders you from impacting the lives around you. So go and "get over yourself" and become success for yourself and those around you.

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