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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Alternative car problem solution

A lot of people know the electromagnetic wave radiation on the body strong caused a degree of damage, but may not know that the electromagnetic radiation to auto industry can produce certain effect in 2012.

Drive pretty comfortable, a convenient transport, but the bus once appear some "problem", to some of the questions you may feel uncomfortable, not only not great, whether to 4 S shops or go to the store, whether consultation of maintenance technicians or ask manufacturer, there are some "problem" just can't find the sticking point can't suit the remedy to the case just is a such as the ant on the hot pot, particularly agitated, this period, the reporter is in the process of transport, some of the alternative "problem", and the expert inside course of study with out some solutions.
Worry a mouse bite wire let you very vexed
Mr. Liu's car owners three days did not use, a few days ago, he is going to drive out, suddenly found the car behind a line stretched out. Then, he opened the backup compartments, found that is backing radar line is cut, and backup and some foreign bodies in the box. The 4 S inn of the maintenance staff after test found that it is the mouse will line bite, backup compartments within the mouse droppings is foreign.
The owner old don a few days ago found his car has a foul smell, and at first he thought that was a long time didn't open air conditioning of the normal phenomenon. But after five days, the stink not only unabated, but more and more serious, even open fan also have severe bad smell. But under, drove to 4 S inn, maintenance teacher apart the steering wheel, instrument platform, and thoroughly clean the air conditioning pipe, will eventually a dead mouse cleaning out.
Everyone playing out across the street mice, into the car, the mouse is unwanted. Once the car was the mouse "visit", light is bite wire, breaking a parts, heavy then can make cars that cause short-circuit spark wire car spontaneous combustion. The big trouble.
After-sales service experts remind car owner: chun xia season alternate, especially to keep parking the car, the environment and clean, in order to avoid the mouse drill car, which leads to the destruction of the car. In fact, maintain clean sometimes also useless, technical personnel to tell a reporter, from the car's body design speaking, now the car chassis basic is not fully enclosed, therefore, in general, the mice could from engine chassis bore into the ventilation pipe, through the bite open outer plastic pipe in the car and ventilation system, causing damage to the car. To avoid the mouse drill car out to destroy, the technical personnel to the owner Suggestions, should pay attention to parking environment, try to choose the environment clean and tidy place to park, avoid garbage filthy environment; At the same time, avoid to put food, sundry car, especially some has a sweet taste of air freshener or car perfume, keep clean and tidy car; In addition, also can use the car DVD electronic flooding the trap to drive out the mice.
Trouble two electromagnetic wave interference cause the car failure signals
A lot of people know the electromagnetic wave radiation on the body strong caused a degree of damage, but may not know that the electromagnetic radiation to auto industry can produce certain effect. Because many of the components is by car of sensor, and the backup camera sensors the most vulnerable to the interference of electromagnetic radiation, and then let the onboard computer produce misjudgment, and thus presents the error code, therefore, some owners car may not have any problems, but walking across a strong electromagnetic FuSheOu, his love may malfunction signals, this is typical of the electromagnetic interference cause the car failure signals. Not only the owner uninformed, is some technical master of technical personnel to the fault is a reason to say no, and thus more couldn't solve.
The problem to be frank, not suddenly can solve, sometimes fault light, not necessarily cars really broke down, probably by electromagnetic interference of the sensor in false alarm, therefore, after strong magnetic field area, such as substation, communication station, if the car appeared fault alarm, and after a period of time after, fault signal eliminate, can not listen, need not into perspective.
Miss sun bought a car, buy back then found a different ring, no matter how to check, check out is not the cause of abnormal sound, request 4 S inn to transfer, was also rejected, miss sun depressed angry very.
Car abnormal sound is really a very very angry things, it will make the owner to his love lose confidence, but the cause of abnormal sound car special complex, technical personnel revealed that some abnormal sound is depot at car assembly process led to, or even design flaws. Of course, most of the different ring is caused by fault, could be the solution.
Technical personnel said, car common main abnormal sound can be divided into different ring powertrain, transmission squeak& rattle, driving is different sound, and the wind resistance different ring to wait for a few kinds big. Powertrain squeak& rattle. Fault mainly appear in the engine and its related components, different ring the engine speed and change, and high frequency. The transmission often comes from abnormal sound transmission, differential, clutch and other components. With different ring gear and clutch state change presents the obvious change. Driving is different with the car driving the state (speed, steering) has a direct relation. The wind resistance noise is behaved for, the speed to a fixed value abnormal sound obvious, reduce speed abnormal sound disappear. Abnormal sound engine and engine speed and often load, temperature and relevant work cycle, through to the properties of abnormal sound analysis, can find out the change rule. Other different ring after experienced teachers of listening, asking andHealth Fitness Articles, also must be able to figure out what the problem is and can be settled.

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