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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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An Oil Change Keeps your Car Running Long and Strong

A regular oil change helps the engine in a vehicle run at its optimum performance level. Technicians at a car service center can perform this maintenance service by installing a new engine filter, draining the old motor oil, and replacing it with new motor oil.

Changing the oil in your vehicle is a vital part of keeping the engine in optimum condition. While most car manufacturer's recommend that the oil in a vehicle be changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles, your driving habits will also determine how regular you should get an oil change for your vehicle. For instance, if you often drive your vehicle in mountainous terrain or you have a long commute to work each day, you may need to change your oil more frequently than someone who drives a very short distance each day.
When you make an appointment for a vehicle inspection at a reputable car shop, an oil change will be the most important action you can do to decrease the need for costly repairs in addition to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Along with technicians changing your oil, they may also check other fluids including the transmission, power steering, radiator, or the transfer case fluids in a 4-wheel drive. You may also get your tires and brakes checked for wear and tear.

The recommendations by automobile manufactures about the time limit and time frame for an oil change will increase the longevity of your vehicles engine. If you continue to neglect getting the oil changed in your vehicle, the oil loses its ability to lubricate the engine adequately over time and it loses its thickness. The debris and tiny metal shavings that fall from parts of the engine into the oil filter will begin to accumulate and cause damage.

When you get regular oil changes for your vehicle, there are additional benefits such as reducing by-product emissions. The reason for this is that an engine that runs cleaner will puts out less exhaust. When there is clean oil in your engine the internal parts get better lubrication. Having clean oil in the engine will reduce the amount of friction and grinding between the internal parts and will result in an increase in gas mileage. The overall result of a professional oil change for your vehicle will optimize mechanical output.

If you are trying to figure out which oil will work best for your vehicle, you should note that synthetic oils can take higher temperatures before they begin to break down. These types of oils also have less viscosity modifiers and more base stock. However, these oils also become acidic, wear out, and over time, become filled with soot particles the same way regular oil does. A well-trained car technician from a professional car care center can determine the best type of oil to use in your vehicle for your next oil change.

Take your vehicle in or call and schedule an appointment to get your oil changed. This maintenance service can benefit your vehicle in a variety of ways such as increasing your gas mileage, adding to the life of your car, helping your car to run easier and smoother, and making sure parts in the engine are well lubricated to lessen friction. You can inquire about oil change coupons or any other promotions they may be having in addition to service costsFree Reprint Articles, payment options and more.

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