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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Comprehensive analytical AT/MT car stall true reason

The actual operation: the left hand grasp the steering wheel hold the direction, the right foot on the brakes will speed as low as possible in 2012.

Whether a new car or old car, both auto or manual, is a veteran or novice, come on when had better heightening of premium, even if your some also worthy of, that will protect your engine avoid carbon deposition. The other is regular maintenance is also important, often check fuel lines and circuit was clear. Flameout reasons:

1, auto models:

Auto models will not appear easily left the phenomenon, and manual models because of driving level is not high, may often appear left the phenomenon. But also don't expel automatic transmission car won't appear left the phenomenon, its main reason is to use inferior fuel (a lot of gas station, in order to obtain profits sell not pure oil) lead to engine carbon and die.

2, also, for new cars (auto) have left the reason is mainly caused by the skilled enough driving technology, the other possibility is that car engine or the oil problem, but for a new car for, the engine itself is less likely, most of the reason is the problem of oil.

Three, for the final and old models, it left the reason except driving technology not enough skilled outside, that is used to make the quality of the oil in the engine set to such as carbon stall.

Auto troubleshooting:

Usually pay attention to the place: for automatic transmission car left the phenomenon, main is still used inferior fuel created. One is to normal larger gas station heightening label oil, for example use 97 gasoline, although the price is expensive many, but can guarantee the car a longer and exercise the power of good. But some owners is cheap and no. 90 of oil, although a low price some, but there could be problems in the future. 2 it is to large qualified gas station come on!

The actual operation: the left hand grasp the steering wheel hold the direction (because no power, so be sure to forcibly hold), the right foot on the brakes will speed as low as possible, then quickly will be AT play to N gear shift, (note: moving in the strike again, must be in N files, not is D/R/P file, or, or a car on fire, or the car gearbox can damage), and took the keys back one case, and then to spark, and then will return to a D file AT the gear moving.

Manual troubleshooting:

1, for newcomer, halfway flameout is not what fresh topic, the main elimination method is rapid team to improve their driving technology.

2, the high quality qualified fuel use.

3, complete the oil and clean, including nozzle, throttle, fuel tanks, etc. May be you add products quality pass, glue fat is too much, the oil is blocked, oil caused by poor attack.

4, for the car idling state left the fault reason is because of too much air dust, engine running in idle car DVD speed motor and throttle valve core in a deposition has many dirt, and when the dirt stored up too much, the engine will appear the idle too low, idle poor stability, driving can appear when the idle stall. To solve this problem the method is very simple: as long as cleaning idle speed motor can.

5, fuel was clear, this also easy to cause the halfway cut.

6, due to higher oil prices, coupled with many of the people love regression-bike, go to work on foot increased, so the new car parked there don't use long-term. In fact, avoid by all car cameras means is long time place is not. One thousand park over a long period of time, should be in resetting prior to use made a complete maintenance, replacement, machine oil filter, and as the caseArticle Search, circuit check fuel. Your vehicle is probably because long-term parking lubrication or circuit to problems.

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