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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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A New Meaning To Minding Your Own Business

How would you like to be in business with no stress or strain?Today there are many authors and lecturers talking about the power of the mind. Spirituality, meditation, and visualization are now en vogue. As an entrepreneur and adviser to growing companies who speaks and writes about an enlightened approach to business, I am often asked the question, “How does all of this mind stuff help you make more money?” I’m frequently asked, “ Doesn’t it just come down to being hard nosed? Or having the right connections?” I think the answer will surprise most. In fact it comes down to exactly the way you think it should be.

A fascinating aspect of watching growing businesses for so long is seeing the wide variety of approaches to starting, managing, and growing an enterprise. Just when I though you had to be “tough,” and “no-nonsense,” I met successful business people that were extremely nice and almost detached. Once I got to know these businesspeople I found they were just as confident as the highly stressed that their way was the right way – sometimes the only way. After talking with hundreds of highly successful entrepreneurs over the years, I now believe that we all define exactly what kind of experience will work in our personal and professional lives by our strongly held belief in our own process. I believe it works this way. You decide there’s something you want out of life or business. You also have pre-conceived notions about how it will happen. Say you think you need a certain level of education, or you need to be located in a certain city. Your success generally hinges on you making these exact things happen. Yet you’ll find someone else with similar objectives, but with a different plan that will make their goals happen with fewer conditions because they believe they can. This is where today’s focus on being more intuitive with our business decisions comes in. If we were to identify our desires, and then step back and really trust that we will be guided in the right direction. It won’t be long before the right proposal, prospect, or product will become apparent. Instead of pushing and pushing, you merely have to decide and receive.

I recently asked a successful, multi-millionaire investor how it was that he identified a spectacular piece of Manhattan real estate some 30 years ago that would appreciate from his purchase price of $500,000 to be worth some $30 million dollars today and in the process spin off millions in cash-flow. He said he bought the property, sight unseen while doing business in another city. He hadn’t even looked at another property, but he received a long-distance call from a real estate agent saying that he had found the perfect spot for his business. The investor said he knew right away that it was the right investment when he got the call. He had for weeks, simply verbalized dailyFree Articles, “We have found the right building for our growing business.” The opportunity emerged exactly the way he thought it would. No stress and no strain.

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André Taylor is an entrepreneur, a highly paid consultant, and the idea leader for entrepreneurs and growing companies. He works with organizations to significantly enhance corporate capabilities and performance. He’s the author of the business-building system, 81 Lessons of The Natural Entrepreneur and a collection of audio and video programs. For more than 25 years, André has been involved in enterprise management and the discipline of personal and organizational development. Combining broad range experience in high-growth industries, and an uncommon understanding of the lessons of business and personal resilience, he provides extraordinary insight and commentary on the subjects of entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, marketing, innovation, and growth.

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