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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Application trends of titanium powder

Titanium powder's application in coating, titanium epoxy coating which is based on epoxy resin and titanium powder having good physical properties, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance due to form a kind of metal polymer. 

Its performances are very stable in many corrosive media of the food, metallurgy, chemicals, paper and other industrial sectors, used temperature is 20-80, the service life was up to 1000-8760h. Various containers of wine industry are large amount of using this paint, and obtained good economic benefit.


China from the 1980s starts to use small batch in the cast iron pipe wall protective coating and water tanks and repair of the equipment enclosure. Since the corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and excellent antistatic properties of titanium epoxy coating, it is mainly used for the antistatic coatings of fuel tanks. The traditional tank wall is using zinc-rich paint. China has been occurred tank fire bombings due to lightning and other causes. Once an international airline in an air crash accident analysis found that the fuel contains zinc ion, so they suspicion of the antistatic properties and safety of zinc-rich coatings, some countries even prohibit the zinc-rich coating for aviation fuel storage tanks.


Authorities are eager to develop a tank coating which is superior to zinc-rich paint in antistatic properties and security and other aspects. Tank coatings require stable and good antistatic properties, adhesion strength and corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and weather resistance, no pollution to the oil, and the construction is simple, economical and practical. Antistatic corrosion-resistant epoxy coating is through resins compounding, coupling, and then coordinates with titanium powder into dual-component coating, the coating solve the problem of epoxy resin cross linked, epoxy embrittlement after solidifying with amine. It has excellent flexibility and resistance to shock cooling and shock heating properties, the adhesive force with carbon steel is more than 10 MPa, it is suitable for use in China climatic conditions. The paint's repeatability of electrical resistivity is excellent in the three months before and after the immersion oil, many conventional antistatic coatings are unattainable.


The paint has been successfully used in 5t oil tank's wall corrosion resistance coating, after three years of construction inspection, the surface of titanium epoxy coating still has good quality, firmly bonded, does not appear wrinkled skin, blistering, peeling, discoloration, softening and other anomalies, and had no adverse effects on the physical and chemical indicators of oil. The coating can be widely used in refineries, oil fields, military and civil aviation systems, adding nano titanium powder can be made of 20 kinds of high-tech anti-corrosion coatings. The coating resists boiling water and seawater erosion, is a kind of very promising coating in marine hull anti-corrosion coatings. It has high hardness, good wear resistance, also has self-healing capabilities, can be used for metal and nonmetal putty. This coating also has a self-cleaning property, a winery's hot water tank treated with it, after five years without fouling. Titanium is the only one metal that without any effects on human vegetative nerve and taste, its coatings are particularly suitable for the food industry.


Titanium powder's application in the friction material, metal powder suppliers through researching found that add 3% -5% of the titanium powder in the automotive friction plate, the friction plate's life can be increased 2-3 times. While the automobile braking, between the friction plate and duality generated high temperature, make the hydrogen which decompose from water vapor absorbed by duality and produce hydrogen embrittlement, so that impact the duality life. After adding titanium powder, titanium can absorb the decomposed hydrogen at high temperature, thereby protecting the duality. The former Soviet Union has been used titanium powder in cars and trucks friction plate, every year used over 500 tons. China was conducted the research and development of titanium powder friction plate and clutch plate from the early 1990s. At 100-300 temperature ranges, the friction coefficient and wear rates of titanium-containing friction plate are more stable than non titanium-containing friction plate. This friction plate has been successfully truck loading and testFree Articles, achieved good results.


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