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Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Chinese silicon industry status

According to metal powder supplier, silicon is widely distributed in the earth's crust, accounting for about a quarter of the total crust. 

Silicon uses widely, our daily life can not without it, the modern high-tech cutting-edge areas also can not without it, with the continuous development of science and technology, the applicable value of the silicon even looks more miraculous, such as refining high-purity single-crystal silicon from crude silicon is several times more than the same amount of gold price, the applicability and economy of silicon can be imagined.

Silicon prepared by silica and carbon reaction is the crude silicon that containing a small amount of impurity, also called for metal silicon, wherein the Si accounted for about 98%, Fe, Al, Ca, Zn, Cu, Ni, Sn, Pb, Mn, Ti, etc. accounted for approximately 2%, Silicon metal’s appearance is grayish-brown and with metal lustre, hard and brittle silicon blocks; industrial processing of silicon blocks to make finished silicon powder, can be divided into coarse powder, fine powder, minuteness powder, ultra-fine powder, can be used for high temperature refractory materials, such as iron, aluminum, silica, silicone and other main raw material. Now silicone new material with good development prospects, large market space, be profitable.

In 1957 with the help of the former Soviet Union, China established the first Silicon metal businesses, the production is very small. Only in 1986 began bulk exports, then the silicon metal industry developed rapidly. Although from 1989, Chinese silicon metal industry hit by many international countries, but it has not been completely overwhelmed, in contrary, make a great progress on quantity, quality, variety and cost control and other aspects.

First is the quantity, because of Chinese Silicon metal businesses master the built furnace technology, do not need to hire professional built furnace designers any more, reduce most of the built furnaces cost. In the aspects of quality, the progress is more evident, in particular the products refined, in the past, following the approach of the Soviet Union, pass chlorine into the ladle, the products are easy to wet. At the same time, due to Chinese companies’ information does not work, did not know some of the international companies are using the methods of passing oxygen to refine, china attempt to use hollow carbon access to ladle bottom boosting oxygen and success, do a lot of promotion, and later was also used the method to pass oxygen directly to the bottom of the ladle. At present, most of the factories were used oxygen blowing to refine, some manufacturers use chlorine-oxygen combination method to make the calcium content dropping to very low. If the pass oxygen refining is a clear sign of Chinese silicon metal quality improved. The inspection techniques improved and test equipment updated also a very important factor.

While the Chinese silicon metal businesses haven't fully achieve the automatic washing, automatic loading, automatic mixing ingredients, fully automated control, but enterprises began to accumulate raw data with computer, strengthens all the operations and the whole process of quality control management, give full play to the human element in the process of using artificial materials or semi-automatic choose materials, cleaning. Relying on scientific management and the accumulation of experience in the smelting, achieve the carefully filtered and optimal proportion of raw materials, ensure the high quality of smelting. In product appearance, factories pay attention to the finishing and packaging of products, in order to ensure the packaging clean, especially to make the chemical products’ packaged clean, some factories wear a layer of packaging on the bag, and take off until loading. Due to the Silicon metal businesses pay attention to the quality controlArticle Search, so that the amount of chemical grade silicon metal products rose sharply.


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