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Monday, March 25, 2019
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Disadvantages Of VoIP

With many businesses switching to VoIP telephone systems in wake of the ISDN switch, let’s focus on the negative! Let’s discuss what you need to look out for when choosing a provider for VoIP business telephone systems.

Bandwidth Dependency

As we’ve already mentioned, VoIP uses the Internet to complete your call. While most of us have an Internet connection that is sufficient to use VoIP these days, other factors may reduce the bandwidth available to your call, such as activity on your local network, like streaming or file transfers. Review your business telephone systems every 3-5 years.

If your VoIP system doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth, you might find your call quality significantly reduced, or it may have trouble maintaining a connection or connecting to your VoIP provider’s servers. You may need to check your network speed during times of high use if you plan to use a VoIP service. VoIP telephone systems are very reliant on the broadband service, ensure your broadband is resilient before committing.

Emergency Calls

Emergency calling can be a problem for some VoIP users. The 911 system was built with the traditional telephone system in mind, and because a phone line is fixed to a certain location, the system will alert first responders to your location when you call (you don’t even need to tell them). While portability is definitely a plus with VoIP, calling 911 from a VoIP line will only transmit whatever address you provided at setup for 911 services. Digital telephone systems are the way forward, however, do not get caught out with below standard providers.

If you forget to change this and find yourself in an emergency where you call but can’t speak to confirm, help may be sent to the wrong address, and/or you might be sent to the incorrect 911 facility for your area. Business telephone systems are key, ensure telephone system is up to date.

Needs Continuous Power Supply and Internet

VoIP phone systems require a continuous power supply in order to remain operational. That means if power is cut and you have no backup power, your phones will not work. This is different from the traditional telephone system, where power is only needed at the interchange office where calls are routed. Ensure that your VoIP telephone systems are a failover in place.

Conversely, if your Internet fails for some reason, your VoIP line will also fail regardless of whether you have power or not. In situations where a continuously operating telephone line is essential — home care services, for example — VoIP may not be the best option for you. Business telephone systems are critical for success for businesses, make sure your system is up to date with the latest telephony features.

Voice and Call Quality

While most people will not have an issue with voice or call quality on VoIP, some may experience issues from time to time. The most common problems are reduced voice quality and/or what seems like a delay during the call (i.e. the person seems slightly delayed in responding). This has to do with both bandwidth and something called “latency.” Lag on a phone system is not great, ensure that your VoIP provider has a great platform.

With bandwidth, if your VoIP system detects that there isn’t enough bandwidth to give you the best quality, it may reduce it so the call is still completed successfully. This can happen either before or during the call. At points, the call may even drop out if bandwidth gets too tight, or it may sound scrambled. Telephone systems are key to any business, not matter what industry.

Latency can best be described as delay. If there is network congestion, it may take longer for your VoIP data packets to reach their destination. This might result in an issue where the person you’re calling may sound like he or she is taking slightly longer to respond to you. In most cases, however, these problems are temporary and may resolve on their own. Other timesHealth Fitness Articles, it might require you to reboot either your cable/DSL modem and/or router.

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This article was produced by a systems expert, the business telephone system is crucial to your communications. Your business should always review its systems every 3-5 years. Call recording is also if you would still like to consider a business telephone systems, then cloud phone systems are a very sensible investment.

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