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Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Hookup Dating - The Good and The Bad

Are you happy with your relationship and this hookup dating you are right now?  Or do you, time and again, find that you’ve made lousy choices? 

Are you happy with your relationship and this hookup dating you are right now? Or do you, time and again, find that you’ve made lousy choices? Perhaps you’re single right now, precisely because one of those bad choices left you handicapped. If you have trouble telling the princes from the frogs, let me tell you one thing: you are not alone. But what exactly qualifies as a good relationship. If you’re asking, you’re probably not in one or you’d know… if just feels right. Nevertheless, for the sake of conversation, let’s define two major requisites: it’s healthy for you and it’s fun! The fun part is quite simple to figure out on your own; but the whole healthy part of it is a different story, and that’s where it gets a bit messy.

In a good hookup dating relationship, both partners respect, esteem and approve of one another. Each one feels that their partner is special and acts on that feeling. They don’t demand that the other change to suit them but rather appreciate the individuality of the other and respect their differences. There is emotional support in the air, and that leaves both persons feeling encouraged, reassured and appreciated.

There are also certain other things that need to be present:

• Intimacy. Develops when you both share thoughts, feelings and experiences only with each other. The more you share only with your mate, the closer and more bonded you will become.
• Honesty. Sharing of your real thoughts and feelings, with your partner.
• Loyalty. Defined as looking out for one another’s best interest. When you feel close or attached to someone, you protect them.
• Trust. Is a prerequisite for all the sharing that will eventually shape your relationship.
• Friendship. A natural result of all of the above.
• In order for things to flow smoothly, there needs to be an approximate equality in the power in your relationship. Reciprocity is also of the essence…there needs to be an equal give and take of feelings and behaviors to keep everything balanced. Of vital importance is that you both share the same goal for the relationship and work to achieve it.

Overall, there are some aspects you might consider to determine if your relationship is a good one…certain questions you can ask yourself in the privacy of the corners of your mind… For one, has your life changed for the better since this person entered it? Have you grown emotionally? Has your partner allowed you to be yourself and feel good about your uniqueness? Have the good times outnumbered the bad times?

In summary, a healthy relationship helps you feel good about yourself, other people and your life. It allows you the freedom to relax, to be yourself, and to reach out to others in friendship. It emphasizes the positive, bringing light into your world and radiating it to those around you. No relationship is ever perfect. But in a healthy relationship, you and your partner weather life stresses together as a team, and the fun times are way more than the bad.

A bad relationship, on the other hand, saps the energy and life out of you. It wears you down and eats at you day after day. The present and the future seem dark and hopeless. Tension and negativity hang in the air, and heaviness sits in your heart.

Deep down, you know where your hookup dating relationship belongs and if the issues you have stem from it or not. So today is as good a day as ever to work towards happiness and fulfillment in your relationship…and that my friendScience Articles, might mean going out and looking for a new one!

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