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Monday, April 19, 2021
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Increase Productivity And Employee Satisfaction With Advanced Pick, Pack, Ship Methods

Looking to increase employee satisfaction and cut back on dreaded turnover? Pick to light and voice pick can help streamline operations at your distribution center, resulting in happier and more productive employees!

Employee turnover can be one of the most pervasive problems a company faces in its lifetime. The question of how to keep employees happy and productive is one that has plagued employers for ages! It is without question that employee satisfaction plays a huge role in a company's success or failure; and for those companies operating a warehouse distribution center, high turnover rates can be incredibly costly when it comes to productivity. New employees must be trained and acclimated to the company's particular pick, pack, ship method, which eats up valuable resources. This problem can be magnified immensely if you're still operating under a traditional paper picking system. If you haven't embraced the latest warehouse automation technologies, such as voice pick and pick to light, now is the time!

Voice Pick And Pick To Light Can Help You Overcome Employee Turnover

Maintaining an efficient, streamlined warehouse automation process makes life easier for employees in all areas of a distribution center. If your company utilizes a paper list to fulfill orders, employees may easily get frustrated with the process. Add in the headaches that come with troubleshooting problems with orders and you could be looking at some rather unhappy employees who may begin to look elsewhere for employment.

While it may be intimidating to implement a completely new process, the benefits are well worth the temporary inconvenience. With a pick to light system, a barcode or order number is scanned, after which lights illuminate indicating the locations from which items need to be picked, as well as quantities needed. A voice pick system utilizes terminals or mobile devices that are mounted to the operator's belt, as well as lightweight hands-free headsets, through which the picking instructions are delivered. Both methods increase productivity and safety within your distribution center. Since they are generally hands-free, operators no longer have to juggle paper, pens and other items while trying to complete their tasks. Best of all, with an advanced operating system, employees are less inclined to be unhappy with their job due to inefficient processes and other frustrations. Less turnover results in a more effective use of time and resources and, most importantly, more production time!

Simplify The Training Process For Temporary Employees

Most companies operating a distribution center tend to have a busy season when increased demand requires more manpower than your current workforce can handle. Whether your busy time falls during the holiday shopping season or any other time of year, hiring temporary workers is often unavoidable. And while the extra help is sorely needed, training temporary workers and getting them up to speed can be both exhausting and time-consuming! Training a temporary worker to the point where they can keep up with production needs can take weeks under a paper picking system; and most companies simply can't afford this at a time when productivity should be on the rise. With advanced warehouse automation systemsFree Articles, temporary workers can be trained and self-sufficient within days - resulting in optimum productivity during your peak season!

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The Numina Group is your source for the latest innovations in pick, pack, ship systems, including advanced technology that can help increase productivity and employee satisfaction. To learn more about warehouse automation systems, such as pick to light and voice pick, contact the Numina Group today.

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