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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Preparing for the Office Movers to Come

If you have hired office movers, you need to be ready for their arrival. Moving your business is challenging and stressful, but these tips should help.

Have you hired office movers to help relocate your business's building? If you have, there are some things you can do to make the move go much more efficiently. By being as prepared as possible for their arrival, you can streamline the process and help it to go as smoothly as possible.


Planning is key when you are moving a business. You need to make sure that as much of your normal business procedures can continue, even during the move, so you can continue to make money. Planning everything before moving day will keep your down time to a minimum. This is vital to your success.

Before you do anything, familiarize yourself with your new location. You should know where all of your furniture, file cabinets, and computers are going to go before the office movers arrive. If there are any significant changes in layout, you are going to need to decide exactly how you will handle these.

Draw out a floor plan to tackle this job. Of course, once you get moved in, you may need to make adjustments, but if everything has a place before the move, then you will minimize your downtime. Making small adjustments does not require the full business to shut down, while the move may. Do not forget to inspect the new building for accessibility. How are the moving professionals going to get the furniture and boxes to the new location? Inspect stairways, elevators, windows, and doors to answer these questions.

Keep Correspondence Current

Everyone, from employees to customers, needs to know about your move and any downtime to expect. Anyone who you receive money from or send money to should be notified, and they should know as many of the moving details as possible before they begin. If the office movers arrive and your landlord, customers, employees, and other important people do not know the details, you are going to get in trouble.

Correspond and communicate with the moving company as well. You can streamline these efforts by color coordinating your boxes and furniture using labels. If the colored labels correspond to the various rooms at your new location, then the individuals handling the move will know exactly what to do. Label everything!

Create a moving guide for your workers. Make sure they know what their responsibilities are at the old and new location. Make the guide as complete as possible, outlining everything you expect, and communicate your requirements for them as they work to meet your goals. In this guide, make sure they know what you expect them to pack, unpack, and toss as you move. Also, address the issue of security files, which should be locked and may require escorts to be moved.

FinallyFind Article, tag any items you are not moving with "Do Not Move" labels. Make sure the office movers can clearly read and identify these labels. You do not want to end up at your new location with garbage or furniture that belonged to the landlord of your old location.

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