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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Selling your home? Read these 5 tips for a quick sale

The home market is changing. It may not be as easy to sell your home today as it was two years ago, but it's still possible to sell your home quickly. Here are 5 tips to help you do just that.  

1. How do you get an offer on a home the first day that it is on the market? You price it right.

That’s it - that’s my real estate tip of the day.

You've heard this tip before, but it bears repeating, particularly in a market with high inventories like we have today. There are many new listings that will receive offers on listed property within DAYS of it hitting the market. Not weeks like many people are experience. Some homes will even see multiple offers and end up pending at a price significantly above listing price. Why? Because it was priced right to begin with!

2.  Make repairs to your home before you list it. Sometimes it’s tempting to just leave the little things and think that maybe the buyer won’t mind. However, chances are they will mind. In today’s market with such a high inventory, it’s important to make sure that your home is the best that it can be before you put it on the market. It will have a lot of competition and you don’t want to give buyers any reason to not choose your home. So touch up the paint, fix the leak, replace the broken tile, make sure that the gate works - whatever it is that you need to do.

If it is a major repair, make sure that you get it done! If not, the buyers inspector will likely find the problem and the buyers will probably do one of 3 things:

1. Walk away from the deal2. Demand that you make the repairs (which means that you have to pay to get them done anyways)3. Not get you to do them, but reduce the purchase price.

In any of these 3 options, you would be better off just getting the repairs done first.

3. Don’t forget about curb appeal. It’s very important that your home look appealing from the outside. Many people will drive by homes before setting an appointment to go inside. Make sure that your house is one that they will want to go into!

If you area experienced some bad weather today, be sure to take a good look at your yard tomorrow. Are there broken branches scattered across your lawn? Has any garbage blown into your yard? Are any of your trees or plants damaged by the wind? Be sure to take care of any of these quickly and maintain your good curb appeal!

4. Let's say it again! Be willing to adjust your price to the market.  We all have grand ideas of how much our house is worth, but the bottom line is, it is the market that determines what the house is worth. If your house is not getting any showings, it could be that your price is too high. Other factors such as the general condition of the property, location, and appearance call also lead to no showings. Either way, your house is not getting shown because people feel that they can get more for their money elsewhere. So be willing to adjust your price. Better yet - just start with an excellent price!

5. Clear off you counter tops and fridge fronts! Looking through the MLS it's amazing what some of the photos show in there. In some instances there is so much clutter that you can't even see/concentrate on the kitchen below it! Guess what, there must not be very much room because there is just stuff everywhere.

So, keep only the ESSENTIALS on your kitchen counters. Example, coffee maker and spices. Do you use the toaster every single day? If no, then put it away and only take it out when you need it. Also, clear your fridge front! I realize that you love looking at Aunty Betty’s Christmas photoBusiness Management Articles, but the potential buyers of your house don’t necessarily want to see it. They want to see your pretty clean fridge and that’s it!


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