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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Prepare to Receive the Unexpected

Yes, the unexpected can happen and it always isnít pleasant.† However, when it happens based on one putting in strong efforts in preparation, with a purpose in mind and as part of a continuing journey, it may actually lead to some great happenings.

Many of my postings over the past year have centered on the value of preparation and focus to reach the goals you desire.† And, while I continue to firmly believe in that philosophy, Iíve discovered recently another benefit of that approach that has not only happened for me, but for many with whom I come in contact.† That benefit is that preparation and taking a meaningful set of steps toward the goals you want to achieve actually puts you in a better position to receive the unexpected when it happens.† Let me explain.

While certainly the major part of my coaching practice is to work with clients in one on one coaching scenarios, there are a good number of other activities I do as part of my business when I am not actually coaching.† Some you see, through the writings that appear on this website.† I work with a local group in my community of individuals going through job transition that provides support and speakers to help them move forward.† Iím active in my local chapter of the International Coaches Federation.† Many of these activities have in turn made me many new contacts in my life who are quickly becoming friends and colleagues that in turn help support my development and me in turn, theirs.† I also look to continue to increase my knowledge of different ways to help my clients by taking seminar classes and reading materials which I know will help to provide tools which I know may be beneficial to those I serve.

Certainly steps such as these serve many purposes.† They allow me to make others aware of what I know and what I offer to them which in turn helps to aid in their comfort in working with me.† They open up my eyes to the issues that those that I best work with are facing and how in turn I may need to tailor what I offer to them.† What they also do is put me in a position to receive the unexpected when it comes my way.

In recent weeks I have had individuals reach out to me in a variety of ways.† Two have come to me through my association with that local group in my community that helps people in transition.† Another has contacted me through both my association with the local coaching chapter and the writings on this website.† Others are reaching out because of my Five OíClock Club certification.† While all of these contacts were long hoped for, when they started to come, they honestly started to appear when I least expected them.† Often I might be working on some other aspect of my business, when a person seeking advice via a consultation would make contact.

However, I didnít see this just happening to me.† A fellow coaching colleague who was certified about the same time as I had the pleasure of seeing one of the articles she wrote published and was asked to participate in an interview for a local newspaper.† This came after many different courses of study and preparation to hone her craft.† One of my clients is a young fellow who is looking to work with those who are disabled and provide them the inspiration to be able to live independently.† This passion is dear to him, because he himself has actually done so since he has had spina bifida since birth.

The journey he is on is simply amazing.† It started with a coaching colleague of mine who spoke with him about the possibilities of working in non-profit organizations.† When he mentioned his desire to be an advocate for the disabled, my colleague suggested to him to check out our state chapters for the Center of Independent Living.† That research led to the discovery that the chapter that serves my clientís county had as one of its speakers a friend of his from college.† The friend and he connected, and she brought him to a recognition celebration at the center in his county.†† He knew from his research that the center was sponsoring my stateís first Disability Pride Parade and he offered to volunteer to assist and work the effort.† This past Thursday the parade happened, and he not only enjoyed being a part of it, but reconnected with other past acquaintances that are potential resources to help him reach his eventual goal.†† Each step has turned up an unexpected happening, but would not have happened if he had not prepared by doing the necessary research and follow-up to initiate each next step to actually happen.† He is absolutely ready to continue on this journey as a possibility to reaching what he is looking to achieve.

Yes, the unexpected can happen and it always isnít pleasant.† However, when it happens based on one putting in strong efforts in preparation, with a purpose in mind and as part of a continuing journey, it may actually lead to some great happenings.† As has been emphasized in this space many a time, those who have goals, are prepared, take meaningful steps toward what they want and go out and execute their plan, have an excellent chance of achieving it.† When things do start to happenArticle Submission, they may come to you in unexpected ways.† That in turn may allow you to experience what you are looking to achieve in ways you never imagined.

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