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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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There are several variations and configurations with spy cameras, accounting for the several possible uses and applications that you can make use with it. 

Spy camera and hidden camera devices have filled the imagination of so many wanting to feel the excitement of doing covert operations themselves, watching every movement of a person or monitoring every activity that goes on in a particular area. Spies, covert operatives, and detectives in the movies and in real life have use miniature spy cameras hidden within their clothing or embedded in an inconspicuous object - in a bid to get photos or footages that will help them catch the bad guys.

Now, you can get that same thrilling action with affordable spy camera devices and gadgets using the latest in digital technologies and coming in all forms and disguises that you've never ever imagined as a place or object that can have a hidden camera inside. From as low as 35 US dollars or lower for camera-only products to as high as 500+ US dollars for a complete spy camera system complete with transmitters and digital video recorders, you can have the same spy gadgetries that only real-life spies can have access to in the past - and the following is your definitive guide.

** Types of Spy Cameras **

A spy camera can be classified into three different types: wired, wireless and all-in-one. The configuration of these cameras will dictate how you can use them for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Each type has its own unique benefits as well as limitations in use. It will only depend on your need and situation.

* Wired

As the term implies, wired spy cameras are characterized by cables connecting the camera device itself with a monitor and recording device. Dome and miniature CCTV cameras are some of the most widely used variations and are great for used in fixed areas with continuous security monitoring requirements. These devices are not good though for mobile use as the presence of connectors and cables will compromise the “hidden” feature of these cameras.

* Wireless

Wireless cameras on the other hand made do without the cables and connectors and instead use radio waves to transmit video feeds and signals to a receiver that is connected to a monitor or a laptop. The greatest advantage of wireless cameras is its high mobility and easy configuration for concealment as you can easily incorporate them as part of another object or clothing and no one would easily suspect them as surveillance cameras.

These spy cameras however, are limited in the transmission distance (approximately 1000 feet max) and is subject to interference just like any radio-wave generating device. Its length of use is also limited as long as there is still enough juice left in the batteries. Aside from that, the allowable frequencies that you can use are limited and would depend on the country, state or region the spy camera will be used in.

* All-in-One

An all-in-one, self-contained, or stand-alone spy camera has a built in digital video recorder or DVR built into the unit. The spy camera can record footages and images as long as the batteries hold out and the recorded information can be retrieved at a later period. This device is great for use when you have limited access on a particular area.

The limitations will be based on the battery life and the size of the flash memory used. Aside from that, should your camera be discovered before you retrieved the recorded footage, your information will already be compromised, unlike the video feeds coming from wireless or wired spy cameras which you can record at an external facility on the fly.

** Applications of Spy Cameras **

There are several possible applications for spy cameras and would depend on your needs and situations. The following are some of the most common uses:

* Espionage - let's leave this to the experts

* Security and Surveillance
- Security monitor for a store, bank, office and home
- Used by law enforcement agents to monitor criminal activities
- To document evidence of theft or malpractice
- To catch a cheating spouse

* Monitor People and Animals
- Employee monitor and observation
- Child observation or what is commonly called a Nanny Cam
- Used to document animal movements

* Entertainment
- Used in reality TV shows to capture fascinating, dramatic and hilarious antics of participants

** Spy Camera Features **

Spy cameras have gone a long way and are packed with several features only seen in movies before. You can now avail of cameras with night vision and infrared capabilities for all your surveillance and monitoring work done at night or with limited lighting. These cameras can be built-in with audio capabilities to supplement the recorded video images.

Some cameras have timers and will start recording only at a predetermined time and will continue recording depending on the length of time set. In a similar manner, some spy cameras have motion detectors that will start recording only when motion or activity is detected. This can greatly extend your recording time and will record only events when it matters.

With an internet connection and a DVR, you can see what your spy camera is seeing and recording at that particular moment from anywhere across the world. This remote surveillance capability is a good security measure to let you know what's going on in your store or business even while you're away or at home.

** Hardware and Software Requirements **

When choosing a spy camera, it is important to take note of some of the hardware and software requirements that goes along with it. Transmission and recording accessories are some of the most basic and most important so it is necessary that you have these to process your documented footages. Just make sure that the TV system you are using is compatible with the video format in your camera to avoid any incompatibilities later on.

If you're using a computer or a laptop to process images, make sure that you have the proper software that is compatible with your camera so you can get the best results. Aside from, you should be equipped with the proper connectors and cables (wireless or wired) that will serve as interface between your spy camera and computer system.

There are several variations and configurations with spy cameras, accounting for the several possible uses and applications that you can make use with it. As a buyer for personal use, or an entrepreneur planning to sell these merchandisesPsychology ArticlesFree Web Content, it is important to familiarize yourself with all information about spy cameras - and get the most benefit for your personal use or business.

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