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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Advertising in google

Advertising in Google as well as carrying google's advertising, and understand how their adsense works gives  you a better understanding of how the web works, and gives you a better chance of making sure you get the right exposure on the web as well probably make some money as well.

If you visit and look at the lower right side of my blog, you will see some Google advertisements.  Some of you may have come  to this site via Google ads of other sites that advertised this blog as well.  I am an advertiser as well as a carrier of google ads.  Allowing millions of small web sites like mine to do business with Google  ( efficiently, without human intervention)  is the main reason of Google's success.

If you own a website or blog, you should consider doing both.  The great thing is that you can do both by just clicking on their site.  NO pesky sales people to argue with or trying to sell you a more expensive package.

1.  IF YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE:  ( goto Adwords

You create your own advertisements, and specify your budget ( even a few dollars will do!), and give a bid on how much you would be willing to pay if somebody clicks on your ad.  It forces you to think through certain words, and get a better understanding about what kind of people you really want to be visiting your site.  If for instance, one of the things you might like to happen is have your ad come out when the person is going to Google to look for BUSINESS THOUGHTS, then you can specify that, and also how much you are willing to pay if the person should click and go to your site.

Let us say there are also 2 other advertisers who specified that as well.  Your bid was 15 cents, the second one bid 24 cents, and the third one bid 10 cents.  Thus, in the heirarchy, the person bidding 24 cents will come first, you will come second, and the person bidding 10 cents will come third.  But the great thing is you pay only one cent more than the next lower bidder.  So although you specified 15 cents, if somebody should click yours, you actually need only to pay 11 cents, which is one cent higher than your lower bidder.

It encourages people to bid more so that they will be on top, knowing that if not much people bidded on that or bid low, they will still end up paying low.


Carrying ads is even more straightforward.  You just specify how big you want to carry, and Google will do the rest.  They will scan the page, try to understand what is the context of your web site, and put in ads that would closely resemble the text of your web site.

For instance, if you were talking about your trip to Hong Kong, and put in lots of words like airline names, or place names, you might feature a Google ad featuring travel tour packages to these places.  Isn't that cool? It is this relevance that makes a Google ad on general fare better on click throughs.  Even many professional websites now prefer to advertise through Google rather than maintain their own.

For the last two months, I have had fun working through it.  Nothing much. I get about 300 to 400 visits a day, so both ways, it isn't much. Last month, I paid Google a few dollars, and earned a few dollars, so the result was actually near 0.

But you should do it, if only that working on both of that can make you understand more about internet traffic, linksFree Web Content, and general web marketing.

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Wilson Ng has founded and still manages 6 companies, including 4 in the technology arena the last 12 years. He was awarded the technology entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young for 2004 in the Philippines for small business.He loves to write, and have written a technology column for a paper for the last 9 years. He currently maintains a blog at

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