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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Impact of Email Use on Modern Society

With special email services available nowadays, you can check email from anywhere anytime you want. Yes, you read that right. Staying connected with important mails and in loop with your people is now possible 24/7. Waiting for what? Send and receive emails from anyone no matter where they are.

Exchange of ideas, opinions, knowledge etc. makes communication obligatory. Today the society has got Facebook, Skype, Snapchat and others to communicate with your friends and rest of the world. The importance of communication cannot be understated. Ability of working effectively has been possible because of the inventions done in early centuries. Imagine how people would have survived and worked towards common goals in absence of communication mediums. Perhaps it was the absence of a proper communication medium that lead to the great inventions of telegraph, telephone, wireless, text messages, emails and mobile phones.


Today it may seem too easy to open free email account and get in touch with all your known people. But if you look back it was never the same. The reach of people to their people or the other parts of world was too limited. It possibly started from the smoke signals. It was in China where the soldiers were giving smoke signals for help while battling with some tribal people. It holds its own importance even today and smoke is taken seriously more than anything for signaling help.

The inventions like electrical telegraph, telephone, text messages, and video messaging thankfully changed the scenario completely. They all have their significance that is irreplaceable. As you all know communication can be done in different ways. However the primary communication methods constitute of verbal communication, written communication and non-verbal communication (in other words, the body language signals)


You should consider yourself as fortunate to be a part of the modern world where email setup is quite easily done to send important messages. The symbols and language written in the mails are understood by the sender and the receiver.

Nowadays text messaging is getting more and more popular to keep in touch with your loved ones and sending information in limited length. You necessarily don’t need phones to send and receive messages as it can be done over internet like Whatsapp, Snapchat.

Electronic mails, Emails are vital for the very existence of modern man. It is no exaggeration to tell that as they have connected the whole world. The impact of emails on society is vast and irreplaceable.


They are used worldwide and you will hardly find an educated individual without and email account, instead they have multiple accounts. Email offers distinctive advantages to the users such as:

  • It travels very fast; you can send mail in the farthest corner of the world in a split of second.
  • It can find you anywhere.
  • It can be ignored.
  • You can get in touch with unknown people and then make friends with them.
  • It can save trees. They have largely taken over the paper communication.


Email and business communication are inseparable from each other. It is impossible to run a business without communicating via mails. Not only they save tedious paper work but also keeps the words said in past. Business users find it very convenient to take reference of some mail. Email use is growing at an astounding rate with over 2 billion email users across the world and over hundreds billion mails are sent every day.

Why to follow dress code of office when you can work from home and share data and images. Most of you will agree to it. It can connect you to your colleaguesBusiness Management Articles, clients and customers over whatever size of email you choose to send.

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