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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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ThinkPad T500 Reviews: Only 15 inch T61 upgraded version?

ThinkPad T500 Series products consist of a 15.4 inches screen, and so on 14.1-inch T400, X200 product is 12.1 inches. This coming question is, why would its ThinkPad product line began to use size lin...

ThinkPad T500 Series products consist of a 15.4 inches screen, and so on 14.1-inch T400, X200 product is 12.1 inches. This coming question is, why would its ThinkPad product line began to use size line to be divided?

Speculates that the reason from two aspects: the first is lenovo's IdeaPad and ThinkPad two brand integration. According to the different positioning IdeaPad is for consumers, ThinkPad is for business users. In order to be able to make the user more clear understanding of lenovo's products, integrating two word brand naming is a good solution. Except for the sake of product line layout, the ThinkPad's own product line is within the range of considerations. Use Lenovo ThinkPad T61 series products as an example, the T61 contains 14 inches products already, also contains 15 inches products, this somewhat unfavorable to the user to choose. With size series after naming, this problem will not exist. T400 single contains 14 inches, product T500 represents a 15.4 -inch T series products. So the ThinkPad locates in the mobile workstation T61p will loss from a new generation of products? Don't worry, the ThinkPad prepared new Lenovo W500, Lenovo W700 for user mobile workstation products for users to choose.

ThinkPad T500’s mould comes from 15.4 inches widescreen version of the T61 / T61p. T500 is still using the classic black appearance, similar to the previous generation of products that cover part of the T500 is still equipped with a special spraying treatment of PC + ABS engineering plastics. In order to ensure T500 cover stout, adding magnesium roll cage.

Widescreen design on the ThinkPad products has not been news, both the ThinkPad Z series, T series wide-screen products, after the known ThinkPad products all adopt new widescreen design (so far). About the ThinkPad T500 will released normal screen version, there is no relevant message. However, in the previous generation of products, ThinkPad T61 widescreen is selected practices and general screen for users to choose the two versions do not know will not be applied in the next-generation T series.

ThinkPad T500 maintained the T61 notebook exaggerated asymmetric design, if you have a plan to upgrade your T61 to T500 directly, may be able to be quickly adapted to T500. If you are from T4x product updates to T500, exaggerated asymmetric design will need time to accept.

Since lenovo bought the ThinkPad, it began to proceed divide Think Pad to IBM. In T60 era, began to play with the marked lenovo mark in the bottom of the screen. ThinkPad T500, Lenovo ThinkPad almost completely abolished the IBM sign. In addition, in the top part increased lenovo LOGO, which is the largest part of changes with T61. Before you see the T500 configuration, you can try to get the drivers from here: lenovo t500 drivers.

ThinkPad T61 provided in the dual PC Card slot position altogether three possible combinations Optional: PC Card / 4-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard / PC Card, PC Card / Smart Card. The Lenovo ThinkPad T500 in front of the fuselage specially designed a card reader slot, and it can still choose the original flexible PC card combinations, which should be regarded as a progress of T500.

ThinkPad T500 in the left part is cancelled the original MODEM interface, increased an USB2.0 interface HDMI interface. So 3 groups of USB interface on the left of the product, originally is the crowded USB port design changed more crowded, when users connect multiple sets of USB devices at the same time easy to interfere with each other. Happily, T500 increased the HDMI output port, with the need of users is a good news.

The main changes from the front of the fuselage section readers are individually designed, and aspects of the interface position is similar. Part difference lies in the audio port position changes slightly.

For T500 configuration, the processor with a Core Duo T9400 processor, which is based on the common core voltage Penry board processor and running a higher frequency. Its operating frequency up to 2.53GHz, FSB reached 1066MHz, 6MB L2 cache.

ThinkPad T500 equipped with standard 3GB DDR2 memory and the user no need to upgrade, can meet high strength operating demand under Vista for memory. ThinkPad T500 is similar with we just had reviews ThinkPad T400, have adopted a dual graphics design. Wherein the GMA X4500 integrated graphics display chip, and discrete graphics part is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650. ThinkPad T500 equipped with discrete graphics part better than T400, can deal with more complex 3D operations. Also worth noting that from the T400, T500 equipped with a graphics chip set, it appears ThinkPad began to return to the embrace of AMD. To know the previous generation T61 is a full replacement to NVIDIA graphics chip set, on this issue, it might that only Lenovo can explain clear.

ThinkPad T500 wireless part adopts the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5300, which is the mobile platform with the highest level. Storage section, T500 equipped with a Hitachi 7200 RPM 200GB diskBusiness Management Articles, and meet the requirements for disk speed and capacity requirements.

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