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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Why Portable Data Should Secured.

Data security is about securing your data from prying eyes and getting it misused. In the era of technology a big amount of data is saved digitally, therefore businesses take some effective measures to secure data.

Spyware are the different types of programs that can affect a database badly. These programs can steal, leak, alter and destroy confidential data and personal files and may cause a business to suffer from a huge loss of data. Therefore, businesses need to take anticipatory actions to prevent data loss.

There are different types of data security technologies that give people the opportunity to secure their data. Following are some of those technologies:

1.       Data Encryption: It is an encryption technology that encrypts data on a hard drive. It is also known by the name of On-The-Fly Encryption and Transparent Encryption.


2.       Software Based Mechanism for Data Security: A software based solution that block access to files, folders, program or hard drive. It prevents data theft but can be corrupted with malware interference.  


3.       Hardware Based Mechanism for Data Security: It blocks read and write access to data and provides a good solution against tampering.


4.       Backup Process: It secures data and gives users the opportunity to recover data.           


5.       Data Masking: This is the process of obscuring sensitive information in a database table or cell to prevent its leakage.


6.       Data Erasure: Software based overwriting for destroying data residing on a hard drive to prevent its leakage once the drive is used again.

Nowadays, data security has become a top priority for businesses who want to secure their confidential information. Data security must be considered by software developers too at the time they develop their software applications. They must provide a data security feature along with the application to deal with the data security problems.

Confidentiality, availability and integrity of data are the factors that must be considered for data security; moreover, users should also Secure USB drives when transporting sensitive data. Confidential of data means that data should be available to specific individuals and not anyone else. Availability of data means that data should be available to the target audience when it is required. Integrity of data means that data should be managed in a way that unauthorized access cannot alter it.  

There are different methods that can be adopted for data protection. You can block access to your files and folders by protecting them through a password. You can encrypt your personal files to prevent unwanted access to data. You can save your data in a USB or burn it on a CD/DVD Rom to ensure you have the back up for your data if it gets lost. Firewall and antivirus programs can also be used for data security.

In short, they are basically malware that affects the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and you can deal with it by either using a data/internet security products or data security technology. Different methods can be adopted to protect data from stealth, leakage, alteration and destruction. ThereforeFeature Articles, you should have proper database management system to deal with data security problems.   

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Tom Riddle is Marketing Manager at New, a data protection and Information Security company that specializes in USB-Secure Software.

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