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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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How To Solve The Four Most Common Communication Problems in Relationships

It's a fact - it's almost impossible to find a perfect relationship. Perfect relationships would require perfect people and perfect situations, perfect planetary alignments and perfect everything, ...

It's a fact - it's almost impossible to find a perfect relationship. Perfect relationships would require perfect people and perfect situations, perfect planetary alignments and perfect everything, hence it is just not a reality.

And that's okay. No one is perfect, so a few relationship abnormalities are not only normal, but they actually ad a bit of spice to any relationship. The question is, how many abnormalities are too many?

Success in any relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, is attributed to good communication. In reality, the majority of issues in a relationship result from inadequate, misleading or misaligned communication styles.

Here I will discuss the four common communication problems in romantic relationships and the ways to deal with them:


Communication Problem Number 1 in Relationships: Silence


One of the biggest indicators revealing communication problems is staying away from a particular subject matter with your partner. Maybe this is why you are not speaking with each other these days? Either you are upset with your partner or you just don't want the topic so you just keep silent. This could be the only way you know to avoid the issue.


A better, more constructive way is to stop avoiding the issue and be truthful about how you feel. Remember to think through your words before exploding at your partner.

Communication Problem Number 2 in Relationships: Misinterpretations

The second most common communication problems in relationships are misinterpreted words and actions. Consider that it is possible that sometimes you may misunderstand what your partner really means in his or her text messages, emails, actions, and behavior. Don't worry, all people do.

What to Do: Do not jump to any conclusion right away. Make sure you ask for an explanation about things first instead of assuming. Don't stop asking until you find out what your lover really means to say.

Communication Problem Number 3 in Relationships: Not Talking As Frequently

Not talking enough and letting your communication frequency diminish is a huge common communication problem in relationships. As the relationship progresses, you may subsequently reach a stage at which you feel you don't talk as much with your partner anymore. You stop having fun together and just do your daily activities as routines, and usually do not include your partner just as much as you should.

There is an easy solution for not having enough communication. It is good that you are now aware that your communication time has been decreasing so all you need to do is start talking more. Set up some bonding moments to for just the two of you. Create new memories, do something differently.



Communication Problem Number 4 in Relationships: Wanting to Be Right


And our last common communication problem for today is that one partner may always want to win an argument. Everyone has had those occasions when you don't want to back off from a discussion. You just know you are right and you are determined to prove it. You will opt to challenge your partner until you believe you have triumphed. This is not only not constructive, this is eventually extremely destructive to your relationship.

Solution: To prove you are right is not as vital as building healthy lines of communications. Being able to view matters from a different standpoint might not exactly improve your feelings, however it can offer you the wonderful chance to improve yourself and your relationship.




No relationship has ever survived when one or both partners remain silent. Neither can your relationship survive if you assume and draw conclusions before you have actually heard your partner's point of view. And likewise, when communication frequency starts to diminish or you want to prove your point and win at all cost, your relationship may not have a chance to survive either. So rather than staying away and setting up big walls between the two of youFree Reprint Articles, take a close look at the challenge at hand and deal with them together as partners. By approaching challenges as partners you may actually grow much closer together as you remain transparent with each other and together overcome these common communication problems in your relationships.

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