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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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The 5 stages of a break up Explained

Going through the same 5 stages of a breakup is what each person experiences at the end of a relationship. Knowing each stage's activities will help you get through it.  Read more...

Going through the same 5 stages of a breakup is what each person experiences at the end of a relationship. Knowing each stage's activities will help you get through it.

Stage 1 C Acknowledgment

The first step in recovery is realizing that the relationship is over. Realize that it happened before you explore why it happened. Lost, alone, vulnerable are just a few of the feelings you are probably experiencing right now. You need to be conscience of your emotions. Why are you having these feelings? Don't worry about that right now. Just face up to them. Though you might not think it is possible, focus on what is good in your life. Physical activity is important to recovery. A long walk will do you good. You might try beginning a new hobby or craft. Take some quality time with family. Wrap yourself in positive activities.

Stage 2 C Let it Out

In the 5 stages of a break up, it is the second on that looks to take away stress. It is not good to keep everything tight inside. You may find that, following the breakup, the best way to deal with the subsequent emotional pain is to share your feelings with a caring friend. Professional counselors can be good choices if you do not have anyone else to share with. There will be no healing benefit by merely trying to put on a tough exterior, even if you do manage to convince your friends. It can help your recovery to write your feelings down in a journal or letter. Being able to read over these will help, but in reality, simply getting these thoughts organized and out is enough.

Stage 3 C Nurturing

Breakup stage three of five is nurturing. You will need to provide yourself with a loving and nurturing environment while you go through this emotional time. Lean on friends who are there when you need them most. Be willing to accept the observation and counsel of close friends and relatives. They care about you and are only trying to help. Try to moderate your feelings, even if something said really hurts. Their only aim is to help. Friends may make negative attacks on your ex as they hurt with you. It is okay to ask them to keep the focus on you and your feelings rather than him.

Stage 4 C Reward and Fun

Do not be surprised at the feelings of sadness that follow the breakup. There is no reason to become isolated and depressed. IF you want to get over this, you need to have fun. Just step outside. You must enjoy yourself. You could join a club. Build relationships with your old friends. Share some fun times with them. Now is the time to develop enough confidence to create a better you. You can turn this sad moment into a bold new beginning.

Stage 5 C Moving On

You will eventually be able to let the emotion go, seeing the breakup as nothing more than a part of your past. You can return to thoughts of a bright future. Now you can develop new healthy relationships and experiencesArticle Search, with him in the rearview mirror. This is the final part of the last breakup stage. You will be moving on.

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