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Friday, June 5, 2020
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Things You Man Doesnít Want to Hear About Your Ex Hookup

Here, we will teach you girls how to bend the truth a little, so you donít bruise your manís ego.† We asked guys to discuss what they hate to hear about their new loverís past†hookup.

We asked guys to discuss what they hate to hear about their new loverís past hookup. Here, we will teach you girls how to bend the truth a little, so you donít bruise your manís ego.

In every relationship, ex flames sometimes come up in conversations. And while guys think they should know certain information about their girlfriends for future reference, the truth is they are better off happily being left in the dark.

What you have to understand is the truth is not always the best option. Menís egos are fragile and easily bruised, so you should take a careful approach when talking about your ex hookup. Here are a few things guys hate to hear, along with tips on what to say instead.

Donít say: ďEveryone loved him.Ē

A man likes to think he is the best youíve ever dated, and he is your top favorite among the important people in your life. So when your new man finds out everybody loved your ex, his confidence fades. Itís bad enough to meet a girlfriendís certain expectations. Now, living up to other peopleís expectations might be a taller order.

Instead: ďThey liked him, but they didnít know who he really is.Ē

This will make family gatherings a whole lot easier if your man is blissfully unaware that they wish the old boyfriend was with them in the same room. Let him know that while everybody loved your ex, the only reason is because they only knew the good side of him, and not the real person you were with.

Donít say: ďHe made good money.Ē

Did the ex make loads of money? That information should be best kept to yourself. If your new guy finds out he makes less than what youíre used to, he will feel inadequate. Men like to feel they are able to provide for their women, from the bed to the store.

Instead: ďMoney isnít important as long as you do what you love.Ē

Letís hope this is what you really feel. A guy can feel insecure if he thinks he will never have enough money to buy all the things you want. Your job is to remind him that he doesnít have to spend every dime he earns to make you happy.

Donít say: ďHe bought me this.Ē

If you mention that your old flame bought a nice pair of earrings or a necklace for you, itís like saying, ďEvery time I put it on, I remember him.Ē Guys like to think youíll never, under any circumstances, think about your ex.

Instead: ďIíve had this for years.Ē

Just pretend itís a piece of personal property that you donít remember where you picked up, and not a reminder of a life with somebody else. Mention that youíve been planning to get a new one, and maybe you might get lucky that your guy may take the hint and give it as a gift.

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