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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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What Attracts Women – Male Personalities That Appeal To Women

A man's personality is what attracts women. The way he carries himself; the way he interacts with her; the way he sees the world and a lot more are the things that draw a woman's attention to him.

To be a hit among women or even just to draw the attention of the girl you like, you need to know what attracts women.  Several things may attract women and one of them is the personality of a man.  Below are some of the personalities in men that women could fall for.  The RomanticThis is a guy who, like most women, is classically romantic. He gives his girl flowers and chocolates.  He brings her to a candlelight dinner. He calls her a lot just to let her know she is remembered.  He confesses his feelings while looking into her eyes. Girls like romantic guys because they want the feeling of being appreciated. Since women are also generally romantic, they feel free to respond in the same romantic way.  The ArtisticHe exudes the qualities of an artist: spontaneity and naturalness. The creativity that he possesses is what he uses to persuade a woman; like writing a song for her and singing it to her or making a painting of her.  These make women feel special and unique.  Through this man's artistic ways, a woman feels and thinks that she is his inspiration and muse.  The ConfidentHere is a guy who simply feels sure and secure about himself. He has no inhibition and asserts himself in public. He is a person who exudes control and power; but in an appropriate way that he will not seem cocky and arrogant.  If he is already in a relationship, he would not be jealous of other men hanging around his woman.  He does not seek the approval of women and thus draw a woman's attention in a way that she deems him like a challenge.  The ForeignerAs the category name suggests, this is a man who hails from another country or faraway place. His accent is cute and obvious; he sees the world in a different perspective.  Since he comes from a different country with a different culture, his unique daily habits and customs appeal to women. He may seem peculiar, but this is what girls find charming about him. For some women, mysterious is simply alluring.  The Free-SpiritedWhere the wind blows, he goes; regardless of what adventures await him.  He does not worry a lot about the results or consequences; but might only be concerned about the fun and adventure he will experience. In every woman is that desire to also have some adventures. With this man's carefree attitude, he charms her because she feels as if this man is someone who will give her what she is missing in life. Furthermore, the bad boy qualities of this man are what awaken a woman's rather maternal instinct to tame him.  The IntelligentThrough the words this guy speaks, any girl would know that he is an intellectual person; someone who can stimulate her own mentality. He is not boring to be with; ratherFree Web Content, he has the wits to make her laugh. The intellectual connection with a girl that this man can cleverly establish is what will sustain the relationship.

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