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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Categories of Top Level Domains that are Used

There are categories of top level domains. It is better to know these categories before you register your online business name which. Registering a trade mark of a company or of another person is illegal and one may end up paying a fine.

Mainly there are three categories of top level domains:

1. Generic Top Level Domain Extension (gTLDs)

They were meant to be used by a particular class of organization. However this has not been upheld since there is no control as to who uses them and for what purpose she uses them for. The common types of gTLDs are dot com, dot net, .org, dot info of this all dot com is the most popularly used.

2. Country Level Domain Extension (ccTLDs)

They represent specific countries and independent territories. They have two letters only. The creation and delegation of them are managed by IANA which stands for Internet Assignment Numbers Authority. They correspond to ISO 3166 country code maintained by ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency.

The rules for registering them differ from one country to another for example: dot ke† ccTLDs can be registered by anyone whether she is resided in Kenya or not, while the dot ad can only be registered by Andorra residents.

3. Infrastructure Top Level Domain (iTLDs)

They are special types of top level domain extension. They were supposed to be used temporarily in the transformation of the old Arpanet host names to the current domain system. They have a limited use.

Categories of Domain Name

A domain name will either fit in one of the following categories:

1. Generic Domains-cannot be trademarked on their own. These are names of products, services, processes, places, etc. They will have any type of extension. A dot com is the most extension used.

2. Trade Names-These are trademarks of organization brands that are owned by organizations. They are also owned by individuals. These names are owned only by the owner and itís illegal for anyone else to use them.

3. Brand able or Nonsense Names-are the types of names that donít have any inherent meaning or use on their own. They are just a combination of words. These names do not have any or much value on their own due to the fact that they have immense number of combinations available.

Before you hurry and buy your domain name, itís important first that you do some research. If you register a domain name without first inquiring whether itís legal or not, you might find yourself in trouble.

Donít register a domain name that is currently a name of a company, a trademark of an organization or individual. They may sue you and you may end up paying huge amount of money as a penalty.

void Free Domain Names because when you have fully gained momentum of your online business, there will be a catch involved. There will be advertisements on your website which you will not control.

A gain you may want to register or transfer the free domain name. Unfortunately you will end up learning a valuable lesson. You will lose the existing traffic which you had worked hard to get. This sounds bad. So never ever go in for free domain namesArticle Submission, they are hurting.

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