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Friday, January 28, 2022
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10 Super Tips For The Budding Online Entrepreneur

Five Percent of online entrepreneurs make things happen while ninety five percent wait for things to happen. But what are some of the things that do make things happen for you online.

Here are 10 points that one should keep in mind when trying to generate income from an online home based business.

1. Customer need

Find out who is your hot target market. And promote them your products or services. But promote products or services that they need or want. There is an easy strategy that you can use, to find out what your market wants. The idea is to visit as many discussion groups or forums. Select the forums that your hot target group visits. Check-up what is being asked all the time. Another idea , would be to read the best seller list. This too is an excellent way to find out what people want and need. Below are a few Discussion Forums that you can visit: alk.cgi

2. Headlines

Let me ask you a question. When reading the newspaper or browsing through books, what do you read first especially when you are in a hurry. You guess it right, the headlines. Do you know that your online visitor is also in a hurry? In many countries they have to pay high rates for their Internet connections. And when they reach your website, they will look for what attracts them. And if your headline on your website or ezine is compelling, they will stop to read further. To read some famous headlines , check out :

3. Keep Visitor / Reader focused

All of us at times have the tendency to focus on ourselves. Our minds dwells on, what we want to say, what the prospect would think about us, what we are going to have for lunch etc etc. The hard fact is that, your online visitor is not interested in anything that does not benefit him/her. Your prospect has many things on his/her mind too. For instance he/she has fears, weakness, concerns, needs.Remember all these when trying to promote your products.

4. Dealing with a Real Person

We are not dealing with computers or gigabytes. You and I are real people using the Internet as a vehicle to relate, discuss, improve and if the opportunity arises , to even sell our products and services online. For anyone who has been sincere all their lives offline, don't change, be the same person online. Online or offline the Golden Rule still applies. With some exceptions, treat people the way you would like them to treat you.

5. Your visitors need to be reminded

It is vital to follow-up. In our opinion, one of the greatest tool for the online entrepreneur is the smart auto responder.A follow-up vehicle that you can set-up in minutes. And presto! you have automated an important part of your business that can increase your sales 50 -100% , some even claim 300 - 400%.Marketing research shows that on the average your prospect has to be exposed to your message at least 7 times before buying. For Free smart Auto responders check out:

6. Words

While a picture paints a thousand words. Online words reinforce that picture. For the online entrepreneur using carefully selected words and phrases could make a big difference in your sales process. Here are a few examples:

7. Ask, Ask, Ask

We have seen people conduct a whole seminar only on this one word. Asking in any form in marketing is a must do. It is like playing chess. Imagine what happens when nobody makes a move. Ask for a response , ask them to join your mailing list, ask them to order your product or services. Even offer free e-books, free scripts, and free resources for them to make a decision to buy your idea, product or services. If you need an ebook to give away Free, we have something new that teaches from the basic to the advance level of ezine publishing at :

8. Participating in Chatrooms

You will be surprised at the number of chat rooms online. It seems like people just love to chat. Without getting distracted with idle talk chatrooms, participate in online chat rooms pertaining to your industry, products and services.

9. Exchange Ads

Trading ads among ezine publishers is a cost saving advertising tool and a vital strategy. Also known as Ad swaps, it is an activity that can help you to expose your product or services for free, and also expose your message to a larger readership. This is one of the best ways of bringing traffic to your website.

10. A Guarantee

When we purchase courses and softwares online, we always look whether there is a guarantee. We bet most of you do the same. It is providing this sense of security that helps win many sales. While there will always be a small degree of abuse when you give guarantees , on the average people are good and honest. So don't let a few rotten apples spoil the whole bunch.
When you look at these 10 points, you may ask yourself, is this all ? Of course not! there will always be other things to be good at and to continue improving to excellence. Our purpose of presenting this article is with one goal that is to bring out ideas from our readers.

In the end Computer Technology Articles, how you apply the above in your own enviroment will make the real difference.

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Patrick Ravi is an E-Marketing Consultant for the Asia Pacific Rim
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