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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Getting MLM Network Marketing Leads And Teaching An MLM Sponsoring System

Sponsoring people into a MLM network marketing program is one of the points where people new to MLM network marketing fail. Having a good MLM sponsoring system can be a key to success.

People sponsored into a MLM network marketing company are commonly faced with two minor problems.

1. They have no idea how to generate leads or sponsor others into the MLM network marketing opportunity they have joined, and...

2. Even if they make lots of sales and sponsor a few others into their downline, they probably have no idea how they did it and therefore have no knowledge to pass on to those they recruit.

Without knowing HOW they did what they did, they cannot teach it to their downline. This means each new downline member they sponsor is faced with two minor problems...

Sound familiar?

Two minor problems make a bigger problem, and this is why MOST new network marketing entrepreneurs fail. Their upline sponsored them into this MLM program by luck or accident. Their upline, being as ignorant as the new business owner they just sponsored, has no way to train that new business owner on how to sponsor individuals into THEIR downline. The new business owner now has to also rely on luck and accident to build his or her downline. Sometimes diligence and patience, which are rare commodities in someone who has invested money in a network marketing program, will overcome the lack of a system or training program. Sheer persistence DOES pay off in the long run, but most people will drop out long before the law of averages kicks in.

Throw into the mix that EVEN WITH a good MLM sponsoring system in place, network marketing empires and MLM downlines are not built overnight. Many who sign up for a network marketing program start having doubts about their decision as soon as they realize nobody is going to beg to join their program or hand them money.

This is usually about day two of any serious attempt to get the business off the ground.


First, anyone who wishes to be successful in MLM network marketing has to either create or learn an effective MLM sponsoring system.

For most of us, the single most effective way to sell a network marketing product or service is guessed it...networking. Most products sold through MLM network marketing programs are not that much better than what can be found at a store or local office. The key reason most people buy is because they know and like the individual involved. Let's face it; do all those people buy Avon lipstick because it is great, or because the distributor is a friend of theirs?Of course, there are examples of extraordinary products and almost obsessive brand loyalty, but, even so, most people bought the product in the first place because they knew and trusted the person marketing it or were referred by someone who knows them...hence, the term "network marketing".

The most effective way to "network" is to give something of value to a group or community without asking for sales. As people in that group come to know and trust you, they also begin to know about you, including the product or service you are selling. This has three benefits.

1. As people in your network become more comfortable with who you are and what you do, you are more likely to make sales.

2. As they become more familiar and comfortable with you and your product, perhaps through their own use, they refer others to you, thus widening your network.

3. As you become successful at making sales, it becomes easier to hold yourself up as an example to those you are seeking to sponsor into your MLM network marketing business.

However, as the saying goes, the only job you start at the top is digging a hole. Everybody has to go through that startup period when they are NOT rich, famous, and a shining example to all who seek to emulate their success.

When you are still working two jobs to make ends meet, dressing your kids in rags, taking peanut butter and bologna sandwiches to work in a leaky bag, and driving the old jalopy with the taped-in window, it is hard to convince someone that they can get rich doing what you are doing!


Since you cannot use your personal success as an example to lure people to your MLM network marketing opportunity, do the same thing you do to sell product. Be an honest and honorable example of a network marketer to all people and give more than you get.

You will probably NOT be able to recruit within the community in which you normally find yourself. THEY will want to see YOUR success before they can start thinking about joining you. However, at any given time around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of people eagerly seeking a business opportunity. They have the dream and the hope, and somewhere in that teeming mass are the great performers of tomorrow who will help make you more ways than just in dollars. If you can effectively reach them with your message AND TEACH THEM how to do the same, both you and they will be successful. If you DO have an effective and TEACHABLE MLM sponsoring system in place, they in turn will be able to train THEIR downlines to be successful as well.


One of the most common ways of attempting to sponsor people into an MLM network marketing opportunity is by purchasing leads (cold calls are SO passé'). However, it is stranger talking to stranger, and it is possible, nay, probable, that the stranger on the other end of the phone or email has been burned before. Therefore, it becomes necessary to create your own system, or borrow one.

This system will have two major parts.

First, you must offer something of genuine value that will attract and entice the prospective member to take a look...not at your product or opportunity, but at whatever is being offered. This can be a course, class, information paper, report, or book...anything of genuine value. The item offered, by the way, must allow you to remain in contact with the person as a bond of trust is formed. That is why there are so many newsletters and email courses around.

It is imperative that the offer be of genuine value and offered without sales pitches, restrictions, or limitations other than the opportunity to stay in contact with the person. The person must be free to turn their back and leave without buying, or buying into, anything, yet taking value with them.

Second, you must make every attempt to help that person achieve their goal. Even if you are not capable of DOING anything for them, the simple act of showing them that you genuinely care about their desires, goals, and dreams will, in many cases, be sufficient to strengthen the respect and trust they have for you.

As with network marketing itself, they will know what you are trying to do and appreciate the fact that you are a real person offering genuine friendship and value who is not trying to flim-flam them into something they do not wish to do.

If you follow these two steps, you will generate your own leads, and they will be responsiveArticle Submission, as they will be looking to you not as a stranger trying to sell them something but as a friend who is trying to help them.

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Donovan Baldwin is a Dallas area writer and network marketing professional. He is a graduate of the University of West Florida, is a member of Mensa, and is currently working on his MBA. You can find an excellent free course on MLM sponsoring systems at .

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