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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Use More Of Your Brain – How To Use More Than 10% Of Your Brain

People use only a small percent of their brain power most of the time. In order to boost your brain’s capacity, you need to do several things to train the brain. You can try being more sensitive to the environment, more adept in exercising the brain and more mindful about your diet. 

According to some studies, results claim that people normally use only 10% of their brain’s total capacity. This means that people have so much more to explore about their brains and their intelligence. In order for you to maximize the use of your brain, here are some things you can try doing. 
Be mindful of the environment. One of the best ways to improve your brain ability is to optimize your senses. You need to listen very well in order for the brain to become more adept with the surroundings. This will help you notice things that are usually difficult to point out. You also need to breathe fresh air deeply. Fresh air is very important to supply a good amount of oxygen to the brain. Oxygen will help the brain function better. There are also some scents that you can try in order to help the brain function better. Observe things in detail. Use your brain all the time to exercise it. Pay attention to details and let your brain scan everything. This will also help in improving your memory. 
Perform brain exercises. There are many brain exercises that you can try in order to train the brain to use more of its power. You can extract your creative juices and start drawing different subjects. You can also try stream writing. This writing technique has been shown to allow people get information from their subconscious mind. Blind readings are also useful because it will encourage you to think deeply about things such as your response to certain situations. Thinking alone is already a good brain exercises. You can also play games. Games are not only for fun but for brain training as well. PuzzlesBusiness Management Articles, RPGs and other video games are useful to make a person think more such as devising strategies. Dance is also a great way to make your brain power higher. It does not only exercise the body but also the brain because of the routines people have to learn for every song. You can also play trivia games or number games such as Sudoku. 
Eat foods for the brain. There are different types of foods that are believed to help the brain perform better. One good example of these is berry such as blueberries and strawberries. They are believed to have substances that can stimulate brain growth in the brain. They also have antioxidants that keep the body and brain healthy and clean. Red cabbage is also an important brain food because of its polyphenols. These polyphenols are substances that help the body block Alzheimer’s and other brain related conditions. Kale is also believed to help brain development because it can improve the cognitive skills of people. Salmon and other fishes that are rich in omega-3 have been found useful as well. Fatty acids in them help the brain to become healthy and active always. Green tea has natural substances that can help a person become more alert and focused. It is one of the most popular brain boosters. 

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