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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Creating Squeeze Pages That Get Prospects And Close Sales

Learn how to Create a Squeeze Page that will blow your Local Competition out of the water. Develop Squeeze Pages that get results.

The biggest mistake I see Local Online Business Owners make is that they make a fantastic looking website with all the Bells & Whistles, but it does nothing to capture prospects. In fact this is the most common mistake most Website Owners make. This article is going to teach you all of the elements necessary to get the most prospects to visit your Squeeze Page and fill out your form.

Before we go anymore into this, let me define the term Squeeze Page. It is also called a Lead Capture Page or Doorway Page. All of these terms are synonymous. This is different from a Landing Page which is more of a review of a product or service which direct links to an offer. Squeeze Pages are the way to go for Local Businesses looking to capture leads.

Purpose Of Squeeze Pages

The purpose of a Squeeze Page is to capture data from a prospect that will be used later in the sales process. You do not try to directly sell them anything at this stage. For example, a Realtor might have a prospect fill out a form asking for their Name, Email, Address, Phone, Mobile Number, Price Range of property they are interested in buying, Best Time to Call, How You Found Us and Additional Comments.

Always include an additional comments field because you never know what they'll put in there. Also always put a how you found us field since it will help you track how they found your form. Yes there's more advanced ways we will track this but since this form is submitted in real-time, it's always nice to see this data right when it comes in.

Squeeze Page Conversions

A typical Lead Capture Page converts anywhere from 5 - 75 Percent depending on a number of different factors which we will go into a little later in this article. Usually the more information you ask for the less it will convert. Keep in mind though, especially in the Real Estate Business that it's not so much the high percentage you convert up front, but how many deals you close which will determine your success as a Real Estate Agent.

For example lets say you are a Real Estate Agent asking for a lot of information up front and your Squeeze Page is converting at 3 Percent and you sell one out of 10 who fill out your form a home. Think about how much commissions you'll receive off an average sale in your area and compare it to the cost of sending 300 visitors to your website at say 60 cents each for example. Do you see the potential here and why these pages are so vital to add to your Internet Marketing Business model?

Squeeze Page Research

It's not too hard for us to create a form asking anything you want to. But the more information you ask, the more reluctant a prospect is to fill out a form. So you have to find the happy medium. The best thing to do is to see what type of information your top competitors are asking for or have us do some research into which Real Estate Lead Capture Pages are getting the most traffic. You can use this data as the basis of how we can construct your page for your business without directly copying them.

Testing Your Squeeze Page

The first thing to do is get up a very nice looking Lead Capture Page. Then run about 200 clicks to it and see how well it is converting. Then depending on how well it does, there are many different things we would try testing to improve and optimize it. We could test the headline, the lead-in offer if there was any, testimonials, we could try adding video or audio, we could try changing the colors or images or modify the bullet points. So as you can see there is a lot we can do to make the page as efficient as humanly possible.

But if we do our homework up front we could get a great idea of how to build your page right in the first place, so these changes would be minimal but nevertheless it's something we'll need to monitor until we nail it for you.

Creating Squeeze Pages for SEO and Pay Per Click Simultaneously

When you create your page, you want to target it for one specific local keyword. This will take some special keyword research tools to pluck out the best keyword. Doing this has two benefits. The first benefit is that it will allow us to get backlinks to this page and rank for this Keyword Phrase in the Search Engines.

The second benefit of doing this is that we can send some Pay Per Click Traffic to it using this keyword, the Google Quality Score will go up for it and will lower your costs per click, saving you money. Make sure that your Targeted Keyword is mentioned once in the Title Tag, once in the Meta Description, once in the Keyword Meta Tags, once as part of your sub-headline or headline, and peppered within your text a few times. This process is known as on-site optimization. It doesn't take much creativity to do this.

Elements Of An Effective Squeeze Page

Now that we have a better understanding of Squeeze Page terminology, lets get down to business and go over each element a page should contain. But more importantly, lets go over the significance of how to create one for the Search Engines and go over why creating one for the Search Engines is also the best way to create one to send Pay Per Click Traffic to. By the time you're done reading this article you should have all your basic questions answered about Lead Capture Pages.

1.) Eye Catching Original Headline - I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past on offers that were totally original. Don't be like everyone else out there on the internet. Just this second, while I'm writing this article, I was thinking of a good headline for a Real Estate Lead Capture Page. How about this one.

"There IS Such A Thing As a Free Lunch In Roanoke, VA!"

By the way, always put quotes around your Headline, Bold it and make the font for this extra large. It places emphasis on it and this is where the visitor will focus their attention. You have 1-3 seconds to get a Website Visitors attention before they leave your page.

2.) Sub Headline - This will be smaller text and will go under the main headline. Write something like this.

"It's apparent that you're looking for Real Estate in the Roanoke area. I'll tell you what. Just take a few seconds to fill out this form, and I'll meet you for lunch at your convenience and at the place of your choice. On top of that, I'll foot the bill!"

I'll call you back within one business day to confirm the time and date of our meeting. Of course this is where you can grill them a bit just to make sure they are qualified and won't waste your time.

3.) Talk About Your Credentials - Did you win the top sales person of the year at your office? Or even if you are a brand new Real Estate Agent ride the branding coattails of the office you're working out of or the Broker you work for. I'm sure they should let you if it's in good faith and doing this and will increase overall sales for the office.

4.) Add Client Testimonials - As you move through your Real Estate Career, you will end up with happy customers. Call a few of them and ask them if you can post their testimonials on the Internet, preferably with their phone numbers. These are your client references. You can post these in italics on the Squeeze Page and put fancy HTML borders around them so they stick out. You can just summarize them to a few sentences each, you don't want too much text on the lead capture page or visitors could get distracted. Keep these short and sweet.

5.) Bullet Points - These are optional but if you possess a lot of credientials or have received a lot of sales awards, you can list them in bulleted format. You can even post an image or two above these bullet points. But keep the image small, you'll probably have to shrink them or put them in an HTML Table Format or Collage Format.

6.) Big Red Image Arrow Each capture form should have a big red arrow pointing to the form the prospect needs to fill out. This is a call to action in its own right and emphasizes to the prospect how important it is to fill out the form. Its definitely been tested and known to increase conversions more.

7.) Lead Capture Form - Finally at the bottom of this page is where you're Lead Capture Form will go. These are the fields your prospect will fill out.

8.) Legal Pages - Finally at the very bottom of this page and in small font you'll need links to your Legal Disclaimers. This is the law and you need to stay compliant.

This example emphasizes the Real Estate Agent, but as you can see these same principles will work within just about any Niche Market you are selling a product or service. There are so many Local Business Owners that don't even know what a Squeeze Page isPsychology Articles, so I wanted to write this article to educate them so they know what is going on. This way when we talk to them later they are already informed.

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Let Brian Garvin & Jeff West give you more information about Small Business SEO and Creating Squeeze Pages at our Rank 911 SEO Blog.

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