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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Getting Tired of Clutter: How to Organize Your Emails and Free Smileys

Learn how to manage your electronic mailboxes with 3 cool tips, and discover how you can enjoy more fun sending or receiving free smileys in your mails.

With your spam filter working overnight, and the CANN SPAM Act of 2003 in full effect, there is less reason this article would snag your attention, right? Even while you sleep, the anti-spam law, your email client’s nosy spam watchdogs, as well as your PC’s anti-spam software make sure that you get less, if not zero, unsolicited emails in your inbox. However, for some people, nightmare is still far from over.

Some people just find it a lot of challenge to manage their emails, regardless of volume.  Apparently, what they lack is system, or they simply are clueless on how to manage their inbox efficiently.  Most email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail have included in their respective email systems certain features that could promote hassle-free emailing experience, provided these are utilized.

On the other hand, free smileys sent in emails, add a special touch to electronic communication, which lacks the body language that can aid self-expression when words run out.  Animated smileys or emoticons come handy when you want to arrest your reader’s attention to a particular topic in your email, highlight a remark or simply provide human emotion whenever necessary.

These smiley icons come in different sizes, and with a plethora of designs to choose from, you can’t complain about not having fully expressed your feelings because there is always one free smiley available to your rescue.  Commonly sent in personal emails rather than business communication, free smileys gain prominence on the internet when they become available for use of social networking sites, too.

Cuter and vibrant smileys can be sent in most email clients, and more and more people are discovering the importance of using them however when one does not exert effort in clearing his inbox of the debris and clutter of unsolicited emails, the joy of receiving cute and vibrant free smileys and animated emoticons in some emails can diminish as too much time is wasted in wading through bulk of useless information.  Here are tips on how to un-clutter your mailbox and enjoy the pleasure of receiving free smileys and animated emoticons in your emails:

  1. Create Folders.  You can organize your emails by creating different folders; according to subject or sender, drag and drop an email to its respective folder as soon as you have read it.  This will unclog your inbox and would make your future search easy.  You may create a special folder for those personal emails that come with animated emoticons as your easy access to inspiration when you need it most.

 2. Set-up Your Email Filter.  Most email clients include a filtering option for their users to choose from.  With volumes of email that find access into your mailbox everyday, it would require much effort if you segregate each one, which emails go to your inbox and which ones are considered spam; your email filtering option liberates your time by doing this mundane task automatically on your behalf.

  3. Handle with ease the following shortcuts offered by most email clients:

a. Utilize your email’s “Search Service” when you wish to access a
attachment, or a  particular  email quickly;

b. Discover how to put-up and manage a slideshow of images and photos you receive in your inbox, instead of downloading them individually;

      c. “Download All” is a feature that allows you to access multiple attachments at once instead of downloading separately;

      d. Email Alerts prompt you to a fresh email as soon as it hits your mailbox.

It takes only a little extra time everyday to get your inbox in order, but it pays off big dividends in terms of less time and efforts going to waste.  Your mailbox can say a lot of things about you, just like free smileys taking the place of words.  Manage your inbox efficiently, and start seeing progress in everything else you do on the internetPsychology Articles, taking place.



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James Schmidt is CEO of King Kong Software and Samba Enterprises that bring you Zaazu Smileys, your brand of cuter and more vibrant smileys.  Log on to and download your free smileys – free!

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