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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Gentlemen's Club for a Guy's Getaway

When guys need to get away, a gentlemen's club can be the answer. From young boys to old men: having a cave to retreat to can be a wonderful thing.

Guys have needed places to get away since the beginning of time and a gentlemen's club is one more place they can go. There's something hardwired into the male DNA that makes men need a cave to retreat to. Over the years, from boyhood on, men need a space to call their own and women reap the benefits. If a man has a chance to reconnect with his inner caveman, he will be a calmer and happier partner.

Boyhood Getaways

A guy's need to hang out with his own gender started manifesting back in elementary school. It's not that boys and men don't like girls and women; it's just that the sexes are wired differently so see things through discordant lenses sometimes. Females often want males to behave in certain ways and sometimes the expectations can become overwhelming. Back in elementary school, girls may have wanted the boys to play with dolls or be the dad while playing house. Mothers may have wanted their sons to have good manners, do chores, and wash up before dinner. In order to get a bit of relief, boys made tree houses, clubhouses and forts. These were places where they could get as dirty as they wanted, eat beans out of a can, and curse out loud without getting into trouble. Each "boys only" fort was like a gentlemen's club of childhood.

Teenage Boys Retreat

During adolescence, boys still gravitated toward gentlemen's club excursions. They may have been Boy Scouts who went on camping trips. Many dads took their sons on hunting or shooting trips that encouraged male bonding. Cowboys went on the trail for long periods of time to rope cattle and ride horses. Even movies celebrate this type of retreat. Think of "Peter Pan" and the lost boys on the island. There was a teen horror movie called "The Lost Boys" back in the 1980's that developed a cult following. Sequels to it were "The Lost Boys II" and "The Tribe." In many cultures, males are taken away from the clan during adolescence and put through rites of passage to become men.

Adult Males

In the modern adult world, males have gentlemen's club venues to go to that allow them a space to get away from it all. Many of these clubs are posh, vibrant spots where business meetings or parties are held. Sometimes, a lone man will slip into the cave of one of these clubs in order to soak up the scene, soundsArticle Submission, and show. There are often cocktails served and nightclub acts featuring exotic dancers.

The gentlemen's club is a necessary stress relief valve for men. This need to get away and revel in one's manhood has been going on since the beginning of time. Boys' clubs promote wellbeing in young boys and adult males in all sorts of cultures.

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