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Monday, March 8, 2021
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Profitable Texas Hold’Em Sit and Go Poker Playing

Out of all poker variations Texas Hold’Em is by far the most popular. Ever since the World Series of Poker have been televised all over the world Texas Hold’Em has become more popular than ever before. What most people do not know is that there are Texas Hold’Em poker variations as well. Sit and Go poker tournaments are played by millions of people in online and land based casinos as well.

The main reason why Texas Hold’Em Sit and Go tournaments are so popular is because they are fast paced and because they offer skilled poker players a good chance of receiving a big payout. Usually 9 to 10 players can participate in a single table Sit and Go tournament and out of them only the top 3 will get a payout. The pool is divided as follows: - 50% to the 1st place finisher;- 30% to the 2nd place finisher;- 20% to the 3rd place finisher;The game is fast paced because the blinds are raised every 10 or 15 minutes. This will leave you short stacked at times if you do not play smart.

In the beginning of the Sit and Go Texas Hold’Em poker tournament you are advised to play tight. In the beginning of the tournament you do not want to lose hands as you will surely find yourself short stacked when the blinds increase. This means you can forget about bluffing also. There is a time and place for everything and this is the time to play tight. Trust me, those chips will come in handy when the blinds increase.

As the tournament progresses most of the weaker players will be eliminated. As the blinds increase you are advised to start playing aggressive. Most of the other players around the table are glad to have made it so far and are playing just to stay in the game. If you are confident that your opponent will fold then by all means you should raise. Remember that raising and calling a raise is not the same thing. This is generally known as the “gap concept”. When you have a raise a bet you do not need a particularly strong poker hand. But when you call a raise you must be confident that your poker hand is strong enough to win the round.

When you play online Texas Hold’Em poker you do not get to see your opponents face to face. This means that you cannot pick up on their “tells”, you cannot read them. What you must do is observe their betting patterns and pick up on any tell tale signs. This will give you an edge, especially if you guess their betting intentions correctly.

Always remember that sit and go Texas Hold’Em poker tournaments are fast pacedHealth Fitness Articles, difficult and very competitive. Your best chance is to play tight and aggressive and make the most of your good poker hands. Use all your skills and any advantage that you can get will make a difference.

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