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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Tells in Online Poker

Tells are the signs to look for during any poker game to get the glimpse into your opponents personality and more importantly of their hands.

Every serious poker player knows that Tells are the signs to look for during a game in order to get a glimpse into their partners personality and more importantly, their hands. Let's take a closer look at some of tells which helps to acquire the idea of what should be done next in the game.

Tells can be facial expressions, body language, and even the way the players speak or where the opponent players are looking, subtle changes in a players behaviour or demeanour that gives clues to that players assessment of his hand. Players gain advantage if they observe and understand the meaning of the other players tell, particularly if it is unconscious.

How players are perceived by others is the key to most any bluffs and tells. Players need to be extremely aware of their image before attempting anything like this. One has to be believable. In most cases players who are tight have the best chance of getting away with it successfully. Loose or aggressive players will most definitely give away more.

Pro online poker players advise to look for tells in speed of play and betting schemes. Some argue that is impossible to notice tells during online poker games but experts have put a list together that includes some very obvious ones.

    * A quick bet on the turn or river usually means a strong hand.
    * A quick check often means a weak hand.
    * A pause followed by a check generally indicates a weak opponent.
    * A pause then a bet could indicate a strong opponent.
    * If the opponent checks, then raises, the check could have been a bluff, trying to get you to bet against a strong hand.

Remember, that the speed of the bet is not always an indicator, a player could be playing several tables at once, and this could affect the timing.

It is very useful to know, therefore, that there are a lot of people playing poker online who watch these tells very closely during the game. It is advisable to be careful, not to give them off yourself. Try to either vary the speed of your betting, or to always bet at the same speed. For example, count a number of seconds before bettingBusiness Management Articles, or otherwise mix up your play so that you confuse people who are looking for tells in your game to make them confuse about you.

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