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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Child Discipline Books – The Flaws Of Most Parenting Courses

If you are looking for child discipline books, you need to realize that there are some flaws or faults that most of them have. By understanding what these faults are, you will be more informed to make the right choice in picking out a discipline program.

You do not want to be disappointed after buying the book or ebook, having discovered that the methods taught in them are not going to make any difference in your child’s behavior, let alone possibly make things even worse.

Most child discipline books focus on punishments and or rewards for your child’s behavior. Bribing, compromising and coercion along with other so called quick fixes do not work, or at best, only temporarily.

Without addressing the root cause of your child’s behavior, you are only setting yourself up for frustrations and disappointment. The number one reason that most child discipline books fail is that they focus entirely on the symptoms of your child’s behavior and no the root cause. Just by masking or covering up the symptoms does not mean that your child’s behavior has improved. Temporarily maybe, but eventually those root causes of the bad behavior will erupt into even greater temper tantrums and anger/

Think of it this way. The water main running into your basement bursts and the water is flooding your basement. So, you call the fire department to come out and pump the water from your basement. As long as the pump is working, your basement will stay dry, but once the pump truck leaves, the water is going to flood the basement again. The pipe is still busted, but you did not address that problem, the root cause of all the flooding. Only when you call a plumber and he comes out to fix the busted pipe that the entire problem has been solved.

The same holds true for your disciplining of your children. Masking the root cause by trying to place a band aid over the symptoms does nothing to correct their behavior.

You will want to follow a discipline program that will help parents resolve their children’s emotions and fears, not only be understanding the root cause, but also treating it. You will concentrate on eradicating the root problem right at its source, right where it starts. Only them can you support your childs emotions and growth in a positive way.

You will learn that you can and will correct your child’s behavioral problems without resorting to punishment and rewarding them for not misbehaving. You will learn to stop and listen to their emotions and their underlying fears.

You see, when you punish your child, you are only addressing the symptoms of what is causing the misbehavior. And this will only lead to even more and greater bad behavior. Your child will store up their fears and emotions until a serious eruption will occur, likely in public where they feel the most insecure.

Understanding that children do not need more punishment but rather more love, support and understanding is the most important step to effectively discipline your child. By listening to your child’s fears and emotions through effective and open communication, you not only gain their respect and securityFree Web Content, you will also notice a dramatic improvement in their behavior.

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Whether your child is older or very young, you will find that it is never too late to learn effective discipline from child discipline books. You can learn more about an effective discipline program that teaches listening and understanding your child’s emotions and fears by clicking on this link,

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