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Monday, November 11, 2019
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Making Math Fun For Kids

Math is a vital necessity in the lives of children.  There are math games for kids to play that take little time or trouble.  Make math fun and an everyday part of kids' lives.  Here are some easy suggestions.

As adults, we use math for everything.  Buying gas, figuring out a budget, cooking, painting a room.  In pretty much everything we do, we use some form of math.

As children, math can be simple and come easy or it can be extremely frustrating.  Therefore, start young and make math fun and a part of their everyday life.  When children see math as useful knowledge, they will be more likely to embrace the challenges as the situations arise.

Math is all around your house.  It is in the everyday duties you perform and also in the creative activities you offer your family.  You can easily make math an everyday activity for your children without any additional requirements of you, or, you can get creative.  Either way, you can make math fun for your kids.

Many websites offer printable math activities. Used as a quiet time activity, children enjoy sitting down and tracing, counting, seeking or analyzing the colorful worksheets offered.  These worksheets are designed to make math fun for kids.  Why re-invent the wheel?

If you are in the mood to be creative, your options are limitless but truly, very little prep time is needed.  Depending of course on the age of your child, some easy math games for kids are:

·                     Give your child cotton balls.  Offer them a plastic jar to fill up.  Once it is full, everyone can guess how many are in the jar.  Your child can dump them out, count them and see who was closest.

·                     Set your child on a washable floor.  With a pan of water, a big spoon and a jar, let them fill it up, counting the spoonfuls as they go.

·                     Save sheets of paper that you intend to recycle.  Let your child wad it up and throw it in recycle bin.  If they hit the target, they get 3 points.  If they miss, take away 2 points.

·                     Have they earned a treat?  Who can get the most bites out of the treat?

When you are overburdened with your workload, triple dip!  Do your work, get help from the kids and make math games for kids to play.

·                     Do you need to cook or bake something?  Show your child how to do the measuring. 

·                     In need of a simple home repair?  Ask your child to get you what you need and how many you need.

·                     Vacuuming?  Ask your child to count how many swipes it takes to get all the way across the room.  They can either watch you or do the vacuuming themselves.

·                     Time to pick up clutter?  How many things are misplaced?  The person who finds the most gets to get out of doing dishes.

See, math made fun!

There are so many math games for kids.  Some may require you to search for them on the internet, others may just be a necessity to help getting a job done and others can simply be creative and fun.  With any caseFree Reprint Articles, you have helped create games for kids to play while they learned. 

Pretty smart of you!

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