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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Potty Train Kids: Toilet Training Tips That Help Toilet-Train Your Child

It is not as easy as a breeze to potty train kids. Learn and follow the toilet training tips discussed in this article so you can successfully toilet-train your child.

More often than not, a kid who’s at least eighteen months in age will begin showing signs of readiness to use the potty. Some kids, however, may have to be 2 years – 3 years old before they display signals of being ready to be potty trained. If you want to know if it’s the right time to toilet-train your child as well as know how to potty train kids, read and absorb the information below:

When is your child ready to be toilet trained?

When a kid exhibits the following behaviors, it may be best to start teaching him or her good toilet manners:

A.    Being able to keep a diaper dry for at least two hours

B.    Abiding by simple instructions

C.    Feeling icky with soiled diapers and wanting them changed

D.    Requesting to wear undies or wanting to sit on the potty chair

As a parent, part of toilet training tips is for you to have the ability to tell whether your little angel is about to poop or to urinate. Most kids scrunch up their noses, are not able to stay in one place, make grunting noises, etc, when they need to go to the bathroom. Of course, when children tell you that they are about to pee or to have bowel movements, those are huge signs that you have to start to potty train kids. Remember too that included in potty training methods is for you to praise your child or reward him/her once your kid informs you of wanting to pee or to defecate.

What are effective toilet training tips that parents should employ?

If you want to toilet-train your child effectively, it is a must for you to follow these tips:

Tip A: As soon as your little one shows the signs of toilet-training readiness, you should purchase a potty chair. It is a good idea to take your child potty-chair shopping so he or she can choose the one he/she likes. You can also opt to buy the chair yourself, then, just let your son or daughter decorate that chair with stickers, glitters, and the likes to make your little darling interested in toilet teaching.

Tip B: One of the very first steps to potty train kids is to let your children sit on the potty-chairs. At first, you can make your child sit on it with clothing, then, let your precious angel sit on the chair with only an underwear or a diaper on, then, eventually, let your kid sit on the potty-chair naked. Doing these potty training methods will make your kids comfortable sitting on the chairs, which will also teach them to be comfortable in the bathroom.

Tip C: Another step to toilet-train your child is to show him/her dirty diapers, then, empty the poop contents into the potty chair, then, dump those contents into the toilet bowl, and then, flush. This will make your little one understand where he or she must poop, and what he or she must do after pooping.

When you potty train kids, other toilet training tips you should apply is to never force your children to take a seat on the potty chair; never shout during the potty-training process; and, of courseComputer Technology Articles, be a role model to your kids e.g. let them watch while you’re peeing or pooping in the bathroom. Making use of the potty training methods shared in this article will surely make you toilet-train your child more easily and more quickly.

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