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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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The Changing Face of Fashion

The finishing touches! Look at the buttons and/or zippers. Are they cheap looking or are they fancy with some design on them. These are additional clues that will let you know if the manufacturer took care in making his/her coat.

Indian culture and tradition is rich and vast. Indian cultural traces have been found dating as back as to the pre-historic times. Dressing is one of the major highlights of the Indian culture and Indian dresses in the post-Independence era mainly comprised of sari and other traditional clothes. But after independence and mainly in the last decade of the 20th century there were major changes noticed in the way Indian women dressed. With the winds of globalization affecting one and all, ethnic and traditional Indian women clothing was amalgamated with the Western outfits to give a special touch to the clothes. The fashion industry like in all parts of the globe is ever changing in India too. One of the most unique features of Indian fashion industry is that though the fashion changes everyday but the old trends and styles do not vanish or disappear with time. The old styles in Indian fashion clothes disappear for one generation and then flourish again after a few generations.

It is not that only the disable people are being benefited from such adaptive clothes designs. People who have limited mobility or constrained physical movements can also take advantage of such clothes. It is definitely easier to manage a back open dress than traditional front open ones. This will save them from lot of discomfort and time. Also, they would no more have to rely on someone elseís help for getting dressed. There are some elderly people who do not need any assistance while dressing up, but they require and would definitely welcome a type of dressing that is much easier to put on than the traditional one.

The manufactures of adaptive clothing also provide Velcro closure shoes. Shoelaces have been the most difficult to handle for seniors as well as for people suffering from some ailments. The Velcro shoes greatly reduce the difficulty faced with tying shoe laces. Some people have very restricted hand movement and people suffering from Parkinson can have great difficulty in holding things and tying laces. For such people, tying shoe laces is almost an impossible and extremely painful task. Velcro closure shoes provide complete comfort and ease of operation, so that they never have to ask for anybodyís help.Many site offer a wide range of tee shirts so when you visit them you may want to take a look around to find the right ones for you, the brilliant thing about there being such a wide availability of designer t shirts online is that you can browse all of a companies tee shirts from the comfort of your own home as well as taking as long as you need to find the right ones for you as there are no closing times on the internet, other than for customer service desks. But you are able to order around the clock.

Donít forget the fashion industry is consistently seasonal and a large portion of the previous season turn over is reinvested into next season. New patterns, new styles, print, fabric, proto types, catwalks, manufacture, refinement, distribution; all of this is based on assumption that research is correct and customers will buy. Itís a high risk industry.

Every silk tie, not matter the weaving location is made from silk that comes from China, the fact that it has made in Italy or England is of little consequence, when the same quality can be produced by hand in China. Weíve seen some replica cufflinks around and itís virtually impossible to distinguish from the real McCoy. We are not condoning counterfeiting; just making a point, Chinese craftsmanship is no less than the Best in The West.

The finishing touches! Look at the buttons and/or zippers. Are they cheap looking or are they fancy with some design on them. These are additional clues that will let you know if the manufacturer took care in making his/her coat.

Another major part of the Indian fashion clothes are Salwar Kameez. This is a very popular fashion wear in India today though the history of Salwar Kameez dates to decades back. It was primarily worn by the people dwelling in the Indian states of Punjab and Kashmir. When shopping for Salwar Kameez there are many websites that offer such types of online shopping from India. There are various patterns, colors, artworks available in the market. Some of the popular types of this attire include chikan, zardosi, batikArticle Submission, bandhej and hand prints. The Salwar Kameez may also be categorized as those for casual wear and those that are trendy.

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