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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Automated Forex System Trading - Evolution Of Automated Forex Systems

You probably know this but automated Forex system trading products have been evolving for many years. This process has gone from Forex systems that only the big banks and large traders could use to the present day where the average person can easily trade Forex.

The Forex system evolution process has been proceeding for about 15 years. This process is behind stocks and futures which have been progressing for about 20-25 years. Currently, the average person can trade Forex which just a few years ago was not reasonably possible.   The "Holy Grail" for all markets has been to produce trading systems or software that could recognize certain market characteristics and enter and exit high probability trades automatically with little or no human input. Also, the software would have a high success rate and have a cost that many people could afford. Additionally, another goal is to remove human emotion from trading, which is a key problem with many traders. Wouldn't anyone want a product like this?   That is a lot to ask for and the perfect product does not exist. However, the automated Forex system trading products have evolved sufficiently to approach the above goal.   Most current automated Forex systems produce a signal based on certain market conditions. These systems range in success rates from very low to very high. There are some very good systems on the market. You just have to find them. However, as with all evolving and expanding markets there are some products that sound good but mainly just take your money.   The price of the better systems can be somewhat high. I reviewed a recent automated Forex system with a price of about $2,000. This may be high to some but the system seemed very good and you should be able to recover your investment quickly. Also, the indirect cost of a bad system is the loss of your Forex broker account money, which could be several thousand dollars. So there tends to be a trade off between the price and ultimate cost of the system.   The final stage in the evolution of Forex system trading products is the fully automated Forex trading system. This is a system whereby the software monitors the market, finds programmed market conditions and executes the order to enter and exit a trade. These systems minimize or remove human monitoring and emotion.      The fully automated Forex systems are usually optimized for certain currency pairs. Also, these systems generally have a very high trade win ratio, approaching 90%.    One limitation of these fully automated Forex systems is the limited number of currency pairs. Some products only have one pair that the software trades. Others trade 4-5 pairs, which approaches the number traded in many Forex signal systems.   The fully automated Forex system area is still evolving but has several good products that have been very well received by new and experienced Forex traders.     As you decide which Forex system to use, be sure to evaluate each thoroughly. Be certain each meets your trading goals, knowledge and experience. Live account testing is the most useful information you can review for a Forex system. Next look at how difficult it appears to trade the system. AlsoComputer Technology Articles, look for a trial or review period.

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I think you begin to realize, as I do, the final stage in evolution is fully automated Forex system tradingFor more on a profitable fully automated Forex software trading system, visit,  Then set up a demo account and let the software trade for several weeks to see for yourself.

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