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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Back Exercises for a Strong Back

Useful information on back exercises designed to strengthen your back, including a description of your back muscles and 2 great back exercises.

Most workouts focus on legs, arms, and abs. This tends to leave out a very important part of your body: your back. Back exercises not only develop a strong back, but they also help prevent injury.

With a stronger back, every day activities will be much easier to manage from working to raising children to simply going out to enjoy life. Three major muscle groups make up the back:

Latissimus Dorsi - These muscles are found on the sides of the back, which are used for extension, rotation, and pulling arms in toward the body

Erector Spinae - Known as the lower back, this actually has three muscles, all running the entire length of the back starting at the neck and going to the buttocks. This group of muscles is used for flexibility and extension for the upper body along with rotation.

Rhomboids - These muscles are made up of minor and major muscles that go between the shoulder blades to help with rotation, retraction, and elevation of the shoulder blades, the very muscles used to maintain proper posture

For a strong back, you can do back exercises specific for this muscle group three days a week. Of course, someone who is interested in lifting heavy weights needs to do between six and eight repetitions but make sure the workouts are every other day so the muscles can rest. You'll achieve both strength and endurance and decrease the risk for injury.

The key to back exercises is to do the right type of training. Typically, this would include things such as a dumbbell row, rear deltoid row, and seated row, along with reverse flies, pull downs, and back extensions. To achieve the strength wanted, it is important to do a number of different exercises specific to the back. By varying the type of back exercises being done every month, you will find that you continue to see results rather than hit plateaus.

Beginners should start out with one to two exercises that consist of two sets, each with fourteen to sixteen repetitions. For intermediate and advanced people, it is important to choose one to two different exercises, two to three sets, and then repetitions would be anywhere from eight to twelve. For back exercises, workout with the correct weight so you can complete your targeted repititions.

Here are two excellent back exercises:

1. Rows - This works on the Latissimus Dorsi while building stronger biceps. Start by tipping forward so the upper body is at a 45-degree angle. Then, pull your elbows up even with your body with the weights down at your side.

2. Reverse Flies - Sitting on a bench or ball with the back straightArticle Search, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Pull your arms upward to your upper mid-section.

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