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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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No More Failed Diets - Increase Metabolism With Strength Training

The statistics are revealing when it comes to weight loss with only two or three people in every 100 people who goes on a diet succeed in losing weight permanently.

The rest gain it back again, and often gain back an additional 10 % more than was lost in the first place. More figures uncover the fact that the average dieter begins and breaks four diets a year.

No one who sets out and begins something and fails feels good about it. Where dieting is concerned, it's a story of frustration on a mass scale, and yet, the futility of dieting doesn't deter those that are determined to shed excess weight.

People think this time it's going to work, this time I'll stick to it, or this new diet or pill will do the trick. Maybe you can relate to that kind of thinking, maybe you have experienced the struggle. Then, when the diet fails yet again you feel defeated and discouraged. And why shouldn't you?

The question is, why does this happen? Why do diets fail? The answer is really easy but it is still not been recognized by the main stream. Diets fail because they do not address the real problem underlying the excess body fat.

Our modern lifestyles are what are to blame by removing any activity that could be construed as vigorous from our lives. When on a daily basis does the average person have any opportunity to do anything other than sit all day? We sit when we eat, in the car, at work, in the café, in the bar, at home on the couch, then after all that sitting we go and lie down to sleep. This goes on day after day after day.

Living this Westernized lifestyle slows our metabolic engine down to a crawl. Our lowered engine size drops the metabolism (the rate the body burns fuel) causing it to burn fewer calories. The energy needs become so low that it causes food calories to be stored as fat even when eating very little.

The usual reaction to becoming overweight is to restrict food or go on a "diet". This makes the situation even worse by slowing the metabolism down even further. The end result is fatigue, feeling miserable and deprived with the hour by hour struggle and low motivation levels not only for exercise but life in general. Not really a recipe that one would want to continue for long.

So what's the alternative? We all need to get our heads around the fact that we need a minimum level of activity in our lives if we are to remain slim, strong and energetic. Not being active also ages us prematurely and exposes us to a greater risk of disease that could well cut our life short.

The quick and easy solution is to start and continue a proper exercise program that includes at least 60% strength training to reverse this whole situation and rebuild an inadequate metabolic engine. Make no mistake no other exercise will do the job so quickly and so well as this special type of exercise.

It is important that advice on setting up this program and correct exercise instruction is obtained from a fitness professional. If it is to work properly the right exercises must be used. It is also important to use the right amount of repetitions and the right amount of resistance. Then the entire program needs to be performed with the right amount of intensity (degree of difficulty) and progression in all exercises needs to be achieved to get the full benefits.

Just 2-3 exercise sessions per week are all that is needed to recharge and rejuvenate a damaged metabolism. Add in small meals throughout the day made up of natural whole foods that will support your exercise program. You will feel so much better and will slowly reduce any excess body fatScience Articles, and all without ever having to diet again.

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