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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Two Reasons to Squash That Middle-Age Spread

If you have been around this world for a while, maybe even half a lifetime, chances are your middle portion is a bit on the large and spongy side.

You might even be able to count your blessings that you are not considered one of the 60% of the population that is overweight. But that little bit of excess fat that is steadily increasing around your waist is of growing concern.

It is real easy not to worry about it too much because the change is ever so gradual. You can safely think it's not too bad yet, there is plenty of time – I will fix it later'. Often though, later never comes and if it does, you are confronted by a bigger task than ever - so big that you might even give up before you start. On top of that, while you are waiting for later to come, your body is further weakening and deteriorating, adding to the difficulty of getting into better shape.

So the first thing you need to do is:

Decide why it is important to improve your health and fitness.

How about these two good reasons, will that help you?

1. Healthy aging - As you grow older what quality of life would you like to have? Would you like to remain strong, independent and able to care for yourself for as long as possible? You see these things are not just a matter of good luck. They are totally dependant on what you are doing now in preparation for when you are older.

Building muscle strength and bone density is especially crucial. Muscle tissue loss along with bone strength is one of the main factors in the downward spiral of degeneration that accompanies the aging process. But the good news is it is not the amount of candles on your birthday cake that causes it. It is a lifestyle that does not contain strength building and maintaining exercise.

The loss of muscle tissue accelerates as one gets older and the end result is a nursing home. Not a good option. A regular strength training program will arrest this loss and can recover some of the strength already lost. The resting increase in your metabolism (your body's engine) will also burn up that bit of excess body fat around the waistline.

2. Self-image - Wouldn't you like to look really good as you get older? A person in their prime can have a strong, lean, firm, toned, youthful looking body with good posture and a quick step. How about having the confidence and self esteem to top it all off?

There is no denying that generally people look and feel more physically attractive when they are slim and happy with their body condition and shape. But you will need to do some work to acquiring this in the form of a proper exercise program that must contain strength training exercise.

Just a couple of sessions each week with the right program can transform you giving you back strength, energy, and can knock off literally 10 – 20 years of neglect. For this to happen though it is important that you seek the help of a fitness professional to set up your program and teach you correct exercise technique. Your program also needs to be updated regularly and your progress monitored.

So there you go if you have got a little bit of tummy sag or even a pretty hefty spare tire it is not really that hard to remove it. Don't wait till later or until you have got everything right before starting. You don't have to get it rightFree Articles, just get it going.

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