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Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Pizza - A Colorful History

Itís true. Pizza has been around for centuries. In fact, some food historians say that it has been around since the birth of centuries. Prior to the popularization by the Italians, the flat, plate...

Itís true. Pizza has been around for centuries. In fact, some food historians say that it has been around since the birth of centuries. Prior to the popularization by the Italians, the flat, plate shaped bread has been a major part of diets of the Middle East. It is the Italian heritage that truly shaped the food into the favorite that it has become today.

Some believe the flatbread came into existence for itís sheer multipurpose use. It has been suggested that soldiers in 6th Century B.C. would bake the bread on their large shields. Once baked the rounded bread could be used as a vehicle for seasonal fruits, nuts or other delicacies. Others have pulled an observation made by Virgil in ďThe AeneidĒ as a reference to pizzaís humble beginnings. Virgil mentions ďcakes of flourĒ shaped as plates.

For a long time the flat bread was served with a variety of toppings. Historians have differing opinions, but a common thought is that the very poor in Naples were the first to put tomatoes on their flatbread. This would have been somewhere in the 16th century when it was popular to decorate the bread with olive oil, cheese and various herbs.

From this point on the history gets a little more widely accepted. By the 19th Century, this once unnamed flatbread has really come into itís own as an extremely popular and sought after dish. One of the most well known pizzaoli of the time is said to have created the most popular pie of all: the Pizza Margherita. This patriotic Italian pie is lightly decorated with the red sauce of tomato, the green leaves of the basil plant and the white of fresh Mozzarella cheese.

There have been other marked moments in history that helped the flatbread along its road to complete popularity among Americans and the rest of the world. Some suggest that as soldiers returned home from World War II, those that had been to Italy had developed a taste for the food. There was a real boom among pizza parlors already in existence. More people continued to order the food, allowing for the creation of more restaurants offering the Italian dish.

Nowadays, it would seem that each major part of the United States has its proud heritage in the presentation of the flatbread. There is Chico-style with its deep dish and very thick, chewy crust. New York City likes to serve the slices thin, so natives can fold them in half and eat them as they might a sandwich. Of course, there are national chain restaurants now that work to take out some of the regional differences.

Just as there are many ways to cook and serve the dough, there are just as many different kinds of toppings. Anchovies, chicken, broccoli, potatoes, barbecue beef, pepperoni, cheese, artichokesHealth Fitness Articles, sausage: the list goes on and on.

Pizza has been around for ages. Aside from a few minor additions here and there the essential nature of the food hasnít changed.

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