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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Red peppers and green peppers

Red pepper and green pepper this "peerless double-pepper" is essential vegetables for our daily lives. Sometimes they are showing up together in the dishes brightly, such as the flavored pork dishes; Sometimes they perform their functions, such as green pepper pork, Spicy Chicken.

From a nutritional point of view, green peppers rich in vitamin C, slightly higher than the red pepper, in addition it contains trace elements and vitamin K can prevent scurvy, bleeding gums, anemia and other diseases have assisted therapeutic effect. Red pepper and green pepper are containing carotene and carotenoids which beneficial to humans, can turn into vitamin A in the human body, is very effective to enhance people's eyesight, prevent night blindness. Spicy green peppers or red pepper contains capsaicin, capsaicin is one kind of pharmaceutical raw materials, have the effect of making blood circulation, resist cold, good for stomach and so on, appropriate to eat hot peppers can stimulate producing saliva, increase appetite. In addition, red pepper and green pepper are with good medicinal value, soaked in wine with tangerine peel can treat indigestion.

Red chili is extra spicy on the palate, and its special effects is in this "spicy". Capsaicin has a special role to promote fat metabolism, prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, will help the lipid-lowering diet. In addition, studies have shown that red peppers also contain phytochemicals “Fan capsaicin”, can eliminate the stuffy nose, the respiratory tract unobstructed, also have the effect of lowering blood lipids. Therefore, the crowd of obesity and high cholesterol is more suitable to eat red pepper.

Red pepper with spice, can remove the smell from dishes, with high nutritional value, has keep out the cold, enhanced appetite, sterilization efficacy. In addition to rich in carotene, a red pepper contains approximately 5000 international units of vitamin A to meet the daily demand of the adults, in addition to containing more than 100 milligrams of vitamin C. These rich antioxidants, can neutralize harmful oxygen molecules free radicals in the body, beneficial to human health. Long-term intake of red pepper also have anti-aging effect. In addition, the red peppers also contain phytochemicals “Fan capsaicin” can clear nasal congestion.

Green peppers have many alias, large pepper, sweet pepper, bell pepper, bell pepper, pepper and so on. The character is the fruit is larger, light spicy or not spicy, eaten as a vegetable rather than as a seasoning. Bright green, new cultivated varieties have red, yellow, purple and other colors, not only can make its own dishes, also widely used as side dishes. Green peppers and red peppers are rich in vitamin C. In addition, it contains a trace element and vitamin K can prevent scurvy, have auxiliary role in treating bleeding gums, anemia and other diseases. Researches from capsaicin manufacturer show that spicy green peppers contain capsaicin, can rapid heartbeat, people will feel skin vasodilation after eating. So that Chinese medicine believes that it with dehumidification medicinal value.

Red peppers and green peppers are suitable for all ages, but it should not goes too far, not gluttony, 100 grams of fresh pepper each time, dried chili 10 grams is enough, especially heavy spicy chili eating too much could lead to hemorrhoids and other inflammation. In addition, pepper is a spicy and heat food, so patients who suffering from a fiery illness, hypertensionArticle Search, tuberculosis should be eating carefully.


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