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Monday, March 25, 2019
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Regional Styles For Pizza

There are several different styles of pizza out their on the market today. Even though there are strong regional styles, they usually fall in fairly generic pie styles. Whether hand-tossed or deep dish, here are a few tell tale signs of how people prefer to have their pie.

There are so many different ways to prepare pizza these days. Some styles reflect regional preferences, strong allegiances to their traditional pies. Others are small shops looking to present more unique pizzas with their artisan crusts and gourmet toppings. Regardless of preferences, there are a few standard styles that everyone is making.

Hand Tossed / Thin Crust
Crust is almost everything when it comes to making pizza. Most pie places today offer the standard thin crust or hand tossed options. If you've ever been privy to a cook tossing dough into the air, you were probably incredibly impressed by their skill and taking a small round of dough and preparing the crust. Thin crust does not necessarily mean not-tossed, it's just made extra thin for a crispier slice. These pies can be topped with all manner of meat and vegetables, a marinara sauce, and a mozzarella cheese or blend. When you think of a slice of pie, chances are this is the kind that immediately comes to mind.

Deep Dish / Stuffed
The deep-dish tradition was started in Chicago. These pies usually mean a very thick crust and a great deal of toppings. These pies are baked in an oven in a pan to hold the sheer level of ingredients. The crust is actually more like focaccia than traditional pizza crusts. It's light and fluffy and thick to hold all the ingredients together. An experiment with the style resulted in the "stuffed" style. This style creates more of what you think of what when you think, "pie." This stuffed style has a separate crust on top, encasing the ingredients. This is a more satisfying pie for the empty stomachs or lovers of more of everything.

This is a unique style of pizza that incorporates elements of the traditional NY style cheese and sauce but the fluffy thickness of Chicago style deep dish. It's origins; however are strictly Italian, specifically in the city of Palermo. It's distinct rectangular shape is a dead give away for the style. Traditional pies include pecorino Romano cheese and little bits of anchovies, but across the country it usually refers to shape. This type is most common in the Northeast region, especially in places run by owners and chefs of Italian descent. Considering the other styles we've discussed, this is a perfect middle ground. It tends to have more crust than anything, a more toppings, but it's not nearly as daunting as the Chicago style, but offers the New York tradition with a little more of everything.

Whether you have a preference or are always looking for the next great slice, pizza is not only one of the great American fast foods, but also one of the most beloved gourmet delicacies. Highbrow and lowbrow alike have their likes and dislikes but one thing is for certain - as a country we love pizzas and their incredible variety. So whether you're a plain cheese fan or are interested in gourmet toppings, enjoy the best of the nation and if you're adventurous enoughHealth Fitness Articles, try any combination.

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