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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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You Can Make It Even Better For Upholstery Cleaning Bringing Out the Lasting Beauty

Even if you don't keep it until it wears out, if it's in good condition when you're ready to replace it, you can pass it on to someone who needs it or sell it and make a little money to put towards the new furniture.  So keeping your upholstered furniture looking good is a win-win.

With daily use, stains and dirt can build up fast in any upholstered items. Make your furniture look like new! Steam cleaning can be helpful so learn the proper way.

Upholstered furniture is expensive and not something most people can replace whenever they feel like it or even when they need to!  Therefore it's important to do everything you can to make your furniture look good for as long as possible.  

Points to Learn In Keeping It

Vacuum the furniture regularly.  There are two kinds of vacuuming.  The first is the surface vacuum which is just a quick run over the surface areas.  This can be done easily while you're doing your regular vacuuming.  The second is a deep vacuum which is everything including under the cushions where all the crumbs are.  Here's the important thing, though – don't worry about doing this perfectly.  If you don't have time to do a thorough deep clean where you move the cushions and flip them over and all that, just raise them up and get as much as you can.  Anything you do will be better than nothing! Vacuum your furniture depending on how you use or thorough you use it. 

Rotate the cushions.  If you have soft upholstered furniture, you can lengthen the life of your furniture by rotating the cushions.  Certain cushions get more wear than others, so if you move them around, they wear more evenly.  My last couch was like this.  It was extremely comfortable but the cushions tended to get misshapen.  I rotated the cushions regularly and sometimes even took the cushion filling out, straightened it up and put it back.

Clean up messes immediately.  Most messes are easier to clean up now than later and they do less damage if they're cleaned up immediately.  So if someone spills, take care of it right away.

Spot clean as much as possible.  Most of the time a damp rag is all you need to clean up a spot.  If that doesn't do it, most couches can handle a little Joy dishwashing soap on a rag.  If that still doesn't do it, research your options based on the type of fabric on your furniture.  Different fabrics require different care.

Mend any torn part.  If you notice a damaged area, do what you can to fix it as soon as possible.  If you let it go, it will only get worse.  Usually if you fix it, the damage doesn't get any worse.  My last couch had a rip at the seam.  I fixed it (I'm not a seamstress or an upholsterer) and then made sure the cushion was always at the edge of the couch where you couldn't see the repair and where that cushion got the least amount of use.

Steam clean it..Use your steam cleaner to then steam the furniture.  This removes the water and dirt.  Remove as much water as you can with the steam cleaner so that your furniture will dry faster.  Use a dry brush to brush the fabric in all directions to give your furniture a brand new look.  If you'd like to speed up the drying process, you may also use fans or a blow dryer. You might also consider adding a solvent based fabric protector to your upholstery when you're done to protect it from dirt and oils. 

There's no need to hire an steam upholstery cleaning company when you can easily clean your upholstery yourself. But if you tried it and it work but not the way you really want it, pros may help you around to make it better. There are some things that professional technician can do so let them do it for long as its for the good of your item

If you give your upholstered furniture a little TLC on a regular basis, it will reward you with a longer life.  Plus, it will look betterArticle Submission, too!

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