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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Pro-hormones

Pro-hormones are the compounds which are converted into the anabolic hormones in the body with the help of enzymatic process. In brief, it can be stated that these have the same effect as that of the anabolic steroids and help in gaining the strength and the rapid muscle. But these pro-hormones have lesser magnitude as compared to the steroids because the enzyme conversion rate differs in both of them.

But now in the wider aspect, definition of pro-hormones has been changed. They are not just the precursors of the steroids but also they are also made up of some of the active compounds which directly affect the anabolic rate of the body. Hence in short, all the products which include the cause of the anabolic effect with the help of hormonal mechanism are categorized as the pro-hormones.

History of the Pro-hormones:

The first introduction of the pro-hormones was made in 1996 in the supplement market by a person named as Patrick Arnold. He first brought up the Androstenedione pro-hormone in the market. Androstenedione is known to generate a positive and an ample amount of energy in the body of the athlete. Some of the main compounds which are included in Androstenedione are the 5 alpha androstenediol, 1-4-androstadienedione, norandrostenediol and androstenediol. All these compounds are known to have different profiles and some of these compounds are converted to the testosterone after they are ingested in the body. While some of the compounds act as the target hormones.

Some of the characteristics of the best pro-hormones:

-    Different types of pro-hormones generate different types of effects on the human body through different pathways. But the main pro-hormones are one which effect on the human body mainly on the progestogenic, estrogenic and androgenic receptors of the body. This pathway is considered to generate the best result in the body and rests all other are secondary.
-    Most of the pro-hormones are androgen agonists. This simply means that they are like the anabolic steroids and they work on the body with the help of androgen receptors.
-    Some of the major effects of the pro-hormones on the human body are the increase in the sex drive of the person, definite increase in the aggression, prevent the loss of hair and also deals with the acne.
-    These pro-hormones are mainly related with the gain of strong musclesFind Article, increase in the muscle strength and also the hardening of the muscles.

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